Trailer Park Land Lord Lovin’

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The trailer was rockin’ today, boys! My landlord just left. He cums around this time every month to get his special “rent check”. It began a few years ago when I first moved in here, and I couldn’t afford the lot payment. But he was a nice guy, and told me if I let him fuck me, we could live there rent free…so long as I kept him interested. But staying interested doesn’t seem to be a problem. He’s here like clockwork, and even cums around to try to get a little extra. I only do it if he has something good to offer, like a carton of cigarettes or a case of beer. But at least I know I’m the trailer park favorite. Even though he has an arrangement like that with most of the single mom’s here in the trailer park, mine is the one he’s at the most.


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Slutty Trailer Park MILF

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The very first thing you should know about me is that I’m a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. I spent a lot of time in a trailer park in West Virginia, where all the redneck trashiness rubbed off on me. It was chock full of pervy fuckers just aching to show me what being a nasty cock whore was all about, and I was an eager student to say the least. Before long, I was a trailer park favorite. All the guys were stopping by to get a taste of what I could give them. And like a good little skanky whore, I made them all cum so hard. It made all the other sluts and wives in the trailer park jealous, but I can’t help that I’m a better piece of ass than them.

I’m not so eager and willing to do it just because and with no strings attached anymore, though. As much as I love sex, I’m also a money hungry bitch. And I’ve learned that a man looking to bust a nut with me will pay for all sorts of things, like my party goodies, light bill, hair and nail appointments…So if they want some of this, they have to offer me a little incentive now. But my tight, wet pussy, wonder tongue and willingness to get all kinds of kinky makes them more than happy to give me whatever I want. And it’s a good thing too, because I’d hate to have to work a 9-5 or some shit. Like, EWWWW! A trashy redneck princess like me would much rather be a sugar baby and earn what she wants on her back than answer to some pathetic pimply faced punk manager for peanuts. That’s one reason I started whoring myself out here and being a total phone slut. Trailer park pickin’s aren’t getting any slimmer, but my wants and needs sure are getting bigger, and I ain’t filling out no fucking applications!

For the most part, I’m a single MILF. I mean, there are baby daddies that are in and out of the picture and I have a few guys that hang around often enough that they could be confused as boyfriends. But really, all I have are fuck buddies. So I’m free as a bird to do what I want, who I want, whenever I want, and I like it that way. 

As for what specifically turns me on, lots of stuff gets me juicy. I’m a truly trashy princess, which means I have no limits, and can be as dirty and as kinky as you want to get. I like all kinds of fetishes & taboos and can be as extreme as you want to be. I’m naturally a bitch which means that cuckolding, sissification, blackmail, financial domination, smoking, bratty princess, CBT, humiliation, tease & denial, size queen, forced cum eating and forced bi are favorites of mine. But I also enjoy more submissive roles, too, like being your accomplice, giving sloppy blow jobs, taking it deep in my ass and letting you get as rough as you want.

If you want to hear more about who I am, and all the dirty things I’m willing to do, you should call me!

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Slutty White Trash Babysitter

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I’m not your squeaky clean cheerleader-type babysitter. I’m the trashy bitch next door that comes over to watch your snotty little brats while I drink all of your liquor and smoke up your house with my cigarettes. I’ve even been known to invite my boyfriends over, and fuck them in your bed after I’ve put the little shits to sleep.

Your wife hates me, and wants me gone, but you convince her to tolerate it because you want me. I know you fantasize about me.I’ve seen the way you look at my ass. The desire to fuck me is written all over your face. And it’s not like you’re that great at hiding your boner either. I’m just surprised that your dumb bitch wife hasn’t caught on yet. But she’s so busy with work and the kids that she doesn’t pay you any attention anyway.

What is really pathetic is that although I know you’re lusting after me hardcore, you’re too chicken shit to make a move. So I continue to tease you, coming over barely dressed, wearing daisy dukes and tube tops until you just can’t take it anymore, and decide that today is the day you’re going to fuck me. Seducing me won’t be hard. Just whisper something REALLY dirty into my ear and I’m ready to go. In fact, once you realize how easy it was to get a whore like me in bed, you’ll kick yourself in the ass for not having the balls to do it sooner. I’ll do things for you that your wife won’t anymore, like suck your fat, juicy cock and let you explode that hot, creamy load down my whore throat. I’ll even let you fuck my ass, which is something she would NEVER consider. But that’s the fun of keeping a trashy babysitter like me around. I’m the kind of kinky you can only find in the trailer park.