Slutty New Year Resolution



Let’s be honest: New Year Resolutions usually suck. Everyone wants to vow to do something really lame like lose weight, eat better or exercise more. Yada, yada, yada. But I’m already sexy as fuck, so you won’t hear me make any kind of boring resolution like that.

Instead, I’ve got something better in mind. This year, my New Year Resolution is to be the kinkiest, dirtiest fuck slut I can be. I’m talking a total fucking whore. And not just here in the trailer park, but on all of NiteFlirt! I want to be the top slut on the site, which is a pretty big feat, considering how many girls are on there. But I know I can do it because I’m already almost there!

My mission is pretty simple. I just want to make a record number of cocks cum for me. I love being such a whore. Knowing that I am responsible for dozens of creamy jizz loads a day makes me so hot, and I’ll do anything to get it! I’m talking balls to the wall, saying whatever it takes to get you to bust that nut! Any fantasy, any taboo, any fetish, no limits kind of calls. That’s the kind of shit I’m all about!

But I’m going to need your help to keep my resolution. I know that you are a kinky fucker that just loves getting nasty. And everything about me turns you on. So pick up the phone and let me drain your balls of all that salty spunk. Help me become the #1 trashy whore I have vowed to be, growing closer to the top with each and every cum load!

And don’t forget to tell everyone what a good little piece of fuck meat I am after our call is over by leaving 5 star feedback.

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Glory Hole Slut – Glory Hole Phone Sex

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It’s okay for you to admit to me that you love glory hole phone sex. I have been to the booths in the back of the adult book store a few times myself. Not actually sucking or fucking the stranger cocks that poke out from behind the wall, but I’ve been there to encourage a few sissies that were a little to hesitant to go on their own.

I’ve noticed that when you walk into the room, you can always smell the scent of old sex. The stale, pungent odor of sweat and semen seems to radiate from everything. And sometimes the floors are so coated with jizz that your shoes stick to the floor. Most people would be so grossed out they wouldn’t dare to step foot in a place like that, but to cocksuckers like you, that’s part of its filthy charm, isn’t it? I mean, after all, you are looking for a downright dirty encounter, and if that doesn’t fit the theme, I don’t know what would.

I want to hear about all the naughty things you do in those video booths during our glory hole phone sex call. I think it is really hot to hear how got down on your knees in that dark, nasty room and sucked whatever the cock of whatever man decided to use your whore mouth. I want to hear about how you dressed, and if you were a good little bitch for the men that wanted to fuck your tight, puckered asshole. I want to know how many men you made cum, and where they came at! Or, if you need someone to encourage you to be the filthy little cum slut that you know you can be, call me and I’ll encourage you to go in there and take it like a good little faggot ought to.

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Happy Holidays!

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