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Slutty Birthday Bash


So, my birthday was awesome this year! Even though it wasn’t a weekend, my girlfriends and I went out partying. I’m still a little tipsy, but I had a kinky good time, and I am ready to party again!

We started out at the club, and we were all flirting with the guys and having a blast. But a few hours into it, we decided to take the party back to my friend’s place, and that’s when the fun really began. Several of the men we were teasing and dancing with came along. We played drinking games, and there was even a little stripping and lap dances going on. But my favorite part of last night was when my girlfriends bent me over the table, lifting up my skirt, and invited all the guys to line up and give this naughty slut a good birthday spanking. And boy, did they ever! My ass is so red and sore this morning! I love it!

But they didn’t stop with the just the spankings. I guess slapping this dirty little slut’s ass turned them on so much they just had to get themselves a piece of it. I can’t say for certain how it happened, but it turned into a huge gangbang, and I woke up this morning covered in cum. I don’t know how many guys were there. To be honest, I was too drunk to count. HA! But I remember one of my girlfriends telling me to smile for the camera as all my pretty little fuck holes were being plundered. I’m sure she was videoing it, so I guess I’ll figure it out.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who purchased items from my amazon wish lists, sent e-gift cards & sent tributes to make this one of the best birthdays ever! 

If you haven’t gotten me anything and still want to send something check out my blog post here.

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Happy Birthday To Me!



Some of you may have remembered, but I just thought I would put it out there that this kinky little cum slut has a birthday cumming up!

My birthday is January 21st!

If you’re wondering what to get a girl like me for her birthday, let me first say that I love receiving surprises in the mail, and buying me something off of my Amazon Wish List is a great way to do that!

I also love NiteFlirt tributes, as well as E-gift cards.

I’ll be logging on for at least a few hours on my birthday, if you want to give me a call!

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Can’t wait to get kinky with you!




Bar Slut


Being called a dirty little whore might piss off some girls, but I don’t see it as an insult at all! I love the attention being a slut brings, and I am proud to be a kinky cock loving whore. Most of my friends are that way, too, so we make a competition out of it sometimes. When we go out, we dress really slutty, and act like total bitches in heat, hitting on guys to see how many random men we can get to come home with us, Whoever scores the most cock wins. I mean, there’s no official prize or anything, except for bragging rights, but it is fun to see who can be the biggest slut. Usually it is me, and I love how envious they get when I tell them all about the guys I’ve banged.

On a night that the bar is really busy, I don’t even wait to take the guys home. I just fuck them in the parking lot, or take them into the bar bathroom and let them use my fuck holes right there in the stall! Why waste time taking them home when I can get them off right there, and keep racking up my numbers? I like to keep the night going!

Just thinking about being such a whore makes my pussy juicy! I love being a bar slut. I make it my mission to be covered in cum before the night is over. Wouldn’t you love to be one of those guys I set my sights on while drinking at the bar? I’d come over to you, whisper in your ear how horny I was, and just how much I wanted to drain your balls. I bet you’d be following me out to the parking lot in a second to get yourself a piece of this slutty white trash pussy, wouldn’t you?!

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January News

Happy New Year!

For me, 2015 was great, and I have a feeling that this new year is going to follow suit! I am so excited for all the naughty fun that 2016 will bring!

I will have two new HOT audio blogs that will become available this month, and “My Naughty Pics II” is available at half price!


And in case you missed it, last month I released a sexy video clip for all of you ass lovers, so snatch it up!

I also released a really hot sissy/humiliation blog in December: Glory Hole Slut


My Slutty New Years Resolution Blog is also on MP3


My birthday is the 21st of this month! Don't forget to check out my  Amazon Wish List and spoil your favorite trashy fuck slut!


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Can't wait to get kinky with you!