Ass Eating Sissy Slut

I know that you’re nothing but a fucking sissy boy slut. I know you want me to use and abuse you like the piece of trash you are! It makes you so hot to be such a skanky slut for me. And I’m going to make you prove just how well trained my little cum whore is tonight during the gangbang I set up!

I’m going to make you fluff every cock that shows up tonight. You’re going to be on your knees, dressed like such a little sissy fuck whore, sucking cock after cock! And then you’re going to lay down beside me, and get fucked! We’re both going to get pounded by nice thick shafts until we’re completely full of cum. But even as the last guy pumps you full of jizz, we’re not done yet, because I have something else in store for you, my filthy sissy!

I know you crave the taste of cum. You will do anything and everything to get it, won’t you? You don’t care if it is straight from the cock or if you have to suck it from out of my dirty, gaping ass. Well, at least that’s what you’ve always said, but we’re going to test that last part tonight, because I am going to make you get down on your knees and clean my stretched out, sloppy, filthy fucking ass. You are going to prove to me and everyone else that is watching what a dirty little sissy whore you are, and slurp the cream pie straight from my nasty asshole! Lap up ever last dirty drop of that salty jizz, you ass cleaning little sissy slut! 

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Pin Dick Cuck

 I know exactly what kind of guy you are. You are the type of guy that loves to watch your woman being pleased by another man. You crave being with a cuckolding diva like me. Is it because you have a worthless little cock? Are you incapable of handling the needs of woman? You can go ahead and tell me just how inadequate that pathetic little pindick is.

With a little cock like that, it is no wonder that the girls you get with always end up cheating on you. It is just a shame that they don’t bring you in on the fun, and take up the opportunity to humiliate you. That’s what I would do. I would put you in your place, which is down on your knees, cleaning out the cream pie that a REAL man left behind. Because that’s the only thing you’re good for! I want to make you watch me get pounded. I want you to see my face contort with pleasure as I cum all over his cock, and I want you to hear me beg for his salty jizz!

Then you’re going to climb in between my legs, and kneel down to lap up the sloppy mess oozing from my freshly fucked pussy! Lap it up like a good little cuck, and if you do a good job, I may show some pity and let you put your pathetic little pindick into me as a reward. Don’t expect me to get too excited, though. After being fucked like that, I doubt I’ll be able to feel it at all. Even at my tightest, I hardly could to begin with, as little as your dicklette is.

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Cheating Phone Sex

Hey! Is that a wedding ring on your finger? Want to have some cheating phonesex?

I know I can be a total slutty bitch, but I can’t help it. I can’t resist a married man. The reason I love that you’re married is because it makes bedding you a challenge. I know that you’re going to try to resist, but I work really hard at seducing you, playing on all of your weaknesses. I’m too good at what I do for you to not give in, and when you finally cave, you’ll be sneaking away with me every chance you get!

I love that when you’re fucking her, you really wish she were me. And you will, because she can’t please you like I can. She won’t do all the things I do. She won’t be the filthy little fuck whore I am. She won’t suck your cock until you nut deep down her throat, and then keep sucking until she’s sure you’re balls have been completely drained. She won’t let you fuck her in the ass hard like I let you, and then turn around to clean it off like an eager little cum slut. She won’t let you call her all the vulgar, dirty names that make me so wet and horny.

Pretty soon she will seem so boring that you CAN’T get hard without fantasizing about me. And then you’ll really be fucked because sooner or later, you’re going to let my name slip up while you fucking her, wishing she was me. And then our cheating phone sex affair will turn into home wrecking phone sex, just as I had always planned. 

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March Newsletter

Spring is almost here, and I can’t wait for it to get warm out again!

This month I have some new goodies coming out. I have three MP3 blogs set to release, as well as a new set of pics!

In case you missed it last month, a really hot BBC Cuckolding MP3 blog went up for grabs


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