Breaking In My Sissy

You’re going to be a good little whore for your Mistress tonight, aren’t you. You and I have both been waiting for this night for a long time. I’ve been training you to be such a proper little sissy. Dressing you up, teaching you how to do your make up, and instructing you how to practice with toys, until you were ready. Really ready to put it all to the test. And finally, tonight is the night! You’re going to get your first taste of big, juicy cock!

You are about to become my true little sissy cum slut. Being my sissy cuckold is what you are destined to be. You get so turned on dreaming about being my dirty clean up bitch, and my cocksucking faggot, don’t you?

Well, we’re going to see how much of a whore you can actually be because I’ve arranged for quite a wild night. I sent out a message to everyone in my contacts that I was breaking you in tonight, and they should show up here any minute for a taste of my newest little fuck whore. Tons of guys are going to be here, and you’re going to show them a good time.

I know you must be excited! I can see your sissy clitty getting hard just thinking about being my dirty sissy slut. Are you ready to suck these boys off, and taste their gooey, stick cum? Don’t forget to make eye contact while sucking that dick! Are you ready to lay on your back, with your legs spread, and invite them, one right after another, into your sissy pussy? Remember to grind up against them, pulling them into your slut hole as far as they can get!

Good! Then get on your hands and knees in front of the door, so your slutty little ass is the first thing they see when they walk in. I hear a car pulling up now!

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Trailer Park Slut

I love taunting and teasing the boys and guys in the neighborhood. The way they act, you would think that they have never seen a female body before. A few times I could have sworn they came in their pants just from my teasing. But I guess that’s to be expected when you’re the hottest piece of ass in the trailer park.

To be honest, the pickings are pretty slim when it comes to chicks if you standards include a tight body and a full set of teeth. But even out of the trailer park, I put most other girls to shame.

Most of the neighborhood moms & wives here in the trailer park throw me dirty looks, but can I help it that their menfolk, sons and husbands alike, are always staring? It isn’t my fault that they are so starved for attention. Maybe if they paid a little attention where attention is due, their fellas wouldn’t be drooling over me. And it isn’t my fault that I’m so fucking sexy, anyway. It’s not like I go out of my way to attract attention most of the time. It just happens.

I mean, yes, maybe the trailer park isn’t an ideal place to lay out nude to sunbathe, but my lot rent is paid, and the landlord doesn’t complain. In fact he tells me he likes it! So I’ll do what I want!

And maybe I should shut my curtains when I walk around the house naked. But who wants to keep them closed all the time? Besides, this is a free country. If I wanna walk around my house totally naked, I will. And it isn’t my fault if pervy boys come peeping in, now is it?

To be honest, though, I do like putting on a show for them, and giving them a taste of all my assets. I like being lusted after. I like the stares. I like knowing that they go rub one out in the name of my hot, trashy ass! And I love that sometimes, they are even brave enough to come get a taste for themselves, knocking on my backdoor, begging to bust a nut to the hottest trailer park slut.

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Friday Night Phone Sex

It’s Friday and I am ready for some nice hard cock. I am turning on my phone and waiting for you to call me and give me the fucking I desperately need. I feel like being a total slut tonight and want to make both you and I cum hard over and over again! I want as much cum as I can get! I don’t have any fucking limits and want to get as dirty as possible! We can do some mutual masturbation. I can tell you all about my latest slutty conquests. I love to share all the naughty details. Or you can tell me about your fantasy! Hearing about what gets you off gets me dripping wet all over again. If I have to be home until later I want to be fucking myself with my toys and with you on the other end of my phone.

So let’s do it!

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April Newsletter

Hey there, sexy! 

Last month was a really hot month for me, and I’ve got a feeling that this month is going to be even hotter! I will be blogging every friday, so be sure check in here.

I also have a really hot pic set coming out later this month! 

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