Blackmailing Homewrecker

Well, well, well. Look at you. You’re a hot mess, aren’t you? That’s just the way I like it! You’re sweating and nervous, as I hound you for what I deserve. When will it end, you wonder.

At first it wasn’t so bad. We were just having fun. But after I started coaxing more and more information from you, you couldn’t help but wonder if you got into something that was way over your head. And as my demands keep growing larger, and your options become fewer, you were quite certain that you had indeed fell into the jaws of a predator. You were definitely having second thoughts then, weren’t you?

But a lot of good those will do you! Ha! You’re stuck in my web now, and there is no escape. You know exactly what’s going to happen if you fail to please me. I’m going to tell everyone about our little twisted, secret affair. Everyone is going to know that you are a blackmail phone sex addict. My phone records and emails prove it. You can’t get enough of me. But this little trashy homewrecking whore doesn’t give a fuck about you. Not really. I mean, you’re fun and all, but I’m the type of girl that keeps her eye on the prize. And it was really your wallet I was after, not your cock.

I am going to totally manipulate you, taking all of that money right out of you wallet. Maybe even right out of your bank account. What? Did you forget that while you were fumbling with that hard cock that you gave me all the information I needed to rinse you completely? HaHa! I had you so worked up you were practically begging me to take your account and pin numbers.

I know you will give me anything I want. You will pamper me and treat me like the Goddess I am, because if you don’t I’ll let your sweet little wife know what a pervy fucker you are, chasing after a trashy money hungry slut like me. She might not know now, but if I don’t get what I want, this homewrecking slut will unload all of your dirty secrets, and everyone will know how sick and twisted you are!

I’m really ready and willing to wreck your home if you get any ideas about backing out of our arrangement. The only way out now is through total ruin…Or my mercy. But I wouldn’t count on that if I were you. So hurry up with that fucking transfer. And don’t forget to show my WishList some love. The happier I am, the better off you’ll be.

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Breed Me, Baby!

I love cum. I love to lap it up, I love to play with it on my tongue. I love to swallow it. But what I really love the most is being cummed in! All of that warm, sticky, gooey cum filling up my tight cunt is exactly what I need!

My pussy aches for you to flood my tight, juicy honey hole with your sperm. Fill me with yourself, laying claim to my womb as your own. I’ll admit that I am a naturally dominant girl. But for the right kind of guy, I do have a submissive side, and that side of me scream to be impregnated with your seed! I want to surrender my body to you! I want you to prove your manhood, cumming hard in my fertile cunt!

When my belly starts to grow, when you see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll know that you own me. I belong to you. I am your pregnant little fuck slut. I want you to rub my swollen, rounded belly while you fuck me, admiring your work. My tits, too, will become larger, my nipples bigger and darker, and soon they’ll be engorged with milk. You know you want to suckle from them, drinking that sweet milk as you grind that cock inside of me.

My nipples will become more sensitive, and you can tease me, licking and sucking on them as often as you please. After all, I am your little breeder slut now, and my body is yours for the teasing and taking whenever you feel like it. And I’m sure you know how horny pregnant girls are. I’ll be up for anything, anytime, and anywhere.

And after 9 months, we can do it all over again, keeping me full of your seed, breeding me again and again!

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Foot Fetish Fun

Feeling up for some foot fetish phone sex fun? You can start with taking off my high heels. These red stilettos are so sexy, and I love wearing them, but after walking in them all day, my feet could use some extra special attention. And you’re just the guy for the job, aren’t you?

I know how much you love feet, especially when they’re nice and sweaty. I can tell by the growing bulge in your pants, and your eagerness to worship my feet that you have a really kinky foot fetish. Why don’t you start by massaging them with your strong hands, while I lie back and enjoy.

As you work your magic, running your hands all over the tops of my feet, around my heels, and up my arches, your breathing becomes heavier, and I know just how turned on your getting. I hold my foot up a little closer to your face, and give you a nice whiff of my ripe feet. As you breathe in my scent you become heady. A look of pure ecstasy passes over your face, and you just can’t resist the urge any longer. You bring my foot up to your mouth and taste it. Your tongue wanders all over my foot, just as your hands had, and you moan your pleasure through the mouthful of my foot. I

pull you up on the bed with me and reach into your pants to stroke your cock. As I work your shaft, you continue to worship my feet, until you’re right on the edge. Then you stand back up, as I hold my feet in the air, and blow your cum load all over my pretty little painted toes.

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May Newsletter

Happy May! Summer is coming and I have a feeling that it is gonna be hot Hot HOT! I can’t wait to take advantage of the nice weather, and show off all my best assets.

In case you missed it, in April I released a new pic set

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