Sissy Ryan’s Diary Entry #1


November 5th 2016

My first entry, it has been a dream to be put in a chastity cage and submit the key to your princess and give up control completely.

Its been in my mind for a long time, to urge to submit, thinking of giving up my masturbation and in that way giving up control and become a submissive for a princess.


Also I have fantasies of being humiliated publicly, well we inferior slaves have many perversions, but to me the ultimate in humiliation and submission is to be exhibited publicly to the whole world , my submission, my total commitment to my princess. It’s exciting, edgy, shameful and scary but also a huge sexy thrill all together at the same time. It does put your submission to the test – how far will you demean yourself for your princess.


So I put together both of the above and talked to princess in length and hence start my journey. I bought my first chastity cage , I was so excited to open my mail and try the new toy, unfortunately the CB 6000 I bought does not fit me comfortably. So here I am disappointed and in search of a better fit cage which I hope to get soon.


Now I decide to pen these down to showcase my journey and where this will take me its up to princess to decide….