Give Me Your Seed!

Do you love fucking sluts raw? Well with me you can just put that condom away, because I refuse to fuck any other. I need it bareback! I love how it feels when your bare dick pounds me as hard as you can. I don’t even care that you could knock me up. In fact, I hope you do! I love taking the risk. Nothing is more satisfying than not knowing whether yours is the seed that’s going to do the deed. And wouldn’t you love to breed my trashy little pussy? Being my baby daddy has it’s perks. I’ll let you come by and fuck me whenever you want, and a pregnant slut is ALWAYS horny.


Cock Worshiping Whore

I love worshiping a nice thick, hard, throbbing dick. Putting it between my lips and sliding it down my throat makes me so wet! The cock is a beautiful piece of meat with smooth skin, nice veins, structured to bring pleasure. Mmmm! Just thinking about it make this cock worshiping cum whore horny! I want to get down on my knees in front of a hard shaft, running my hands over it as I take it in my mouth to memorize all the textures.

I like finding out what parts of your dick is the most sensitive, discovering what really drives you crazy as I’m licking and sucking. Do you like it when I rub your shaft all over my perky tits? I’ll press them together for you and jerk off your cock for a bit. But then I want you to take your cock between my legs, and feel you run slowly in to my tight hole. I want to feel the way the tip massages my hot wet walls. I need to feel the warm cum run out of me down to my crack. Then I want drop back to my knees to suck our juices from your shaft. The cum slut in me slowly licking every drop from your balls up until you are clean.

BBC Breeding Bash Part 1

Hot new Mp3! Cuckolding, BBC, Impregnation and more!

Breeding Bash Part 1 Cover

“I love being pregnant. Everyone has heard that pregnant girls are always down to fuck, and everybody loves a horny knocked up slut. But as much as I love being pregnant, attempting to get pregnant is the best part. Especially when you go about it in an extra kinky way. I’ve been thinking about getting knocked up for a while, and last month I had figured it was finally time to have another, ’cause the benefits I was receiving from the state weren’t stretching as far as they used to, and everyone knows…”

Blackmail & Intox

I’m a party girl, but while I love getting fucked up, it’s even more fun when you are the one getting wasted. Want to know why that is? It’s because the more you drink, the more you talk. And the more you talk, the more I learn all about you, your life, and your dirty desires. And that kind of information can come in handy, if a girl knows just how to work the right guy.

We’ll start out slow with a shot or two here, and a shot or two there. Nothing too crazy at first. I don’t want to seem too bold, and scare you away. I need to convince you that I’m the type of girl you can lower your guard with. But that won’t take long. I can be very charming, and I’ll make you feel so comfortable around me, that you won’t have any problems opening up. When I know I have your trust, the drinks will start coming faster, and the questions I ask will be more probing. But by then you’ll be so fucked up that you won’t even realize that the questions I’m asking you are ones you should think twice about answering.

I will get you to pour out all your naughty secrets to me. And every bit of your confessional will be tucked away in my blackmail bank to use against you later. After a night with me, I will know EVERYTHING I need to know to make sure you will stay right underneath my thumb. And since I like to ensure that you won’t be going anywhere once I get my talons in you, I probably won’t even wait to entice you into a compromising position. You can almost bet that the next morning, when you sober up, you’ll be confronted with hard photographic evidence of just how fucked over you are!

You sure wouldn’t want your wife to know what a naughty boy you’ve been, now would you? You told me all about her last night. Don’t remember? Well, I could play back that bit of audio I recorded of you talking about what a horrible bitch she is, if that would help jog your memory. Didn’t you know I did that? HA! There’s a lot of things you can’t recall, apparently. I sure would love to share with her everything you said. And I just might, too. I have her number right here. While you were sleeping, I took the liberty of transferring all of your contacts into my phone. So she’s not the only one I’ll be reaching out to if you don’t play by my rules.

June 2017 News

Hey there, you kinky fuckers!

Well, as I had hoped, May turned out to be just as hot as April. Once again I made it into Niteflirt’s elite class of girls, and I want to keep that streak right on going all through summer so you dirty boys just keep it up and keep on cumming back for more of this dirty little slut!


In case you missed it, in May I released a new Spanking Mp3

Spank Me Cover

I also released two HOT new Audio Mp3 blogs:


Fuck Me, Baby!

For the month of June I am planning on creating a new Impregnation Mp3 and three new audio blogs that include Cock Worship, Blackmail/Intox and Breeding.

I update my blog every Friday, so be on the look out for kinky new content!

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