Eat My Ass, Baby!

It’s always nice to have my pussy licked but you wanna know what I am really aching for right now? A fat tongue licking it’s way into my hot little asshole. In and out and all around, I love feeling your tongue rimming my hole! Do you like to eat ass? I think your mouth and my dirty little asshole needs to get acquainted. Don’t be shy. Use those fingers to finger fuck my pussy while tonguing my ass. I will cum so hard! If you rim me just right, I’ll return the favor.

Whether I’ve been out with the girls clubbing or working out at the gym, I enjoy being able to come home to an eager ass licker just waiting to clean me! Watch me as I slowly take my dirty thong off and tease you with my juicy round bottom. You want this ass so bad you can taste it, huh? I know you do. I know your tongue aches to lick me raw. I’ll use your tongue to my benefit for sure. Your face will be my favorite throne.


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