Verbally Degrade Me

We’ve just met, but the attraction is intense. We can’t keep our hands off each other. You kiss me deeply as your hands roam about my body. Your hot mouth finds my neck, kissing, nibbling as you start to take off my clothes. Your fingers find their way to my pussy, and start to run them up and down my hot wet slit. You can tell how much I want you, and you lean into my ear as you bury your fingers deep in my cunt and tell me what a dirty little cock whore I am.

I usually don’t enjoy being called names, but once I’m turned on I love being talked to like that. Something about being verbally humiliated during the height of sexual excitement by a man who knows just how to do it drives me wild. I need a man that is not afraid to whisper into my ear that I am a filthy slut, and that he owns me now. I want a man to tell me that he is going to give all of my whore holes the attention they deserve, filling each one with his creamy spunk. I want him to degrade me, calling me his little cum kitten, and whatever naughty names he can come up with, telling me just how slutty I look with my cum oozing from my freshly fucked sloppy slit. I need him to order me down to my knees to clean off that cum covered cock, as a good little dirty bitch should.

Just thinking about all the ways you would use and abuse me during our degrading phone sex call makes my pussy drip with anticipation. I want to be your little blond bimbo fuck doll, and I want you to get rough and fuck my throat, while you grunt out that I’m your filthy fuck toy. Then you should shove your cock in my tightly puckered asshole, pulling my hair and smacking my as you destroy it, and call me your anal whore.

If you’ve got what it takes to make me take your cock like a cute lil cunt ought to, give me a call and we’ll have some explosively degrading phone sex.


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