Nobody Rides For Free

It is time for you to trade in that sweet little homemaker wife for a trailer park whore. The days of boring sex are over. I am as kinky as they come, and I’ll do anything to make you bust that nut. I know you love the way I dress, so trashy. Daisy duke cut offs and halter tops don’t leave much to the imagination, now do they? That’s because I like to advertise that I’m a slut. A hot girl like me is hard enough for the average joe to approach, so I want to make it easy for them to spot an opportunity when they see one. I want everyone to know, without a doubt that I’m down to do the dirty wherever, whenever and with whoever…so long as they have a fat dick and a wad of cash big enough to spoil a little slut like me.

That’s right. I don’t cum free. Haha! But I’ll be a damn bargain compared to that high maintenance wife of yours. I mean, I want my nails and hair done, no doubt. A girl’s gotta look good. But I got a few friends that do it on the side right here in the trailer park that you can pay. I don’t need booked at no fancy salon like SHE does.

And you won’t be the only one hitting this ass and footing the bills, so it will lighten the load. That’s right. You ain’t the only one on my roster, baby. HA! I got a few regular guys that love to blow their cash as much as they love to blow their nut. But just because they’re steady doesn’t mean you get a free ride. Cash, Grass or Gas, baby. Nobody rides for free. Call Button

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Forget Your Wife. I’ll Take Care Of You

Someone ought to slap some sense into that bitch of a wife of yours. She has no idea how good she’s got it, or just how much she has to lose. But her loss is my gain, right? I don’t blame you for checking out a hot piece of ass like me. When ol’ wifey doesn’t give it up, you have to find an outlet somewhere, right? Well, baby, you’ve cum to the right girl, because I can sense just how neglected your needs are, and I’d love nothing more than to make sure that cock is never neglected again. And to top it all off, I don’t give a fuck about HER. She can just fuck off. Let that bitch find out about me. Let her blow up your phone while you’re with me, crying about how she wants to ‘save the marriage’. HA! That dumb cunt should have thought about that before she turned you down, night after night. It should have occurred to her long ago that her vanilla, prudish ass ought to spice things up before a catch like you loses interest. She should have known that if she didn’t take care of you, a girl like me would happily do it for her. So let her catch us. It won’t slow me down. I’m on a mission to keep you constantly satisfied. I have the energy and the passion that will let you make up for all of that lost time, and then some. I’ll even tell that bitch to her face. You can’t wreck no “happy home”. And if the bitch gets lippy, I’ll lay her fat ass out, because fuck her. You’re my man now.

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Addicted To My Ass

You know what time it is, don’t you, pervert? It is time to worship this amazing ass. My beautiful bubble butt could make any man weak in the knees. A guy who isn’t even into asses would be hypnotized by my perfection. So when I bend over in front of you, and demand you worship it, you don’t stand a chance of resisting. My ass is your drug, and you will do whatever I say to feed your addiction.

Get behind me, and kneel down to take a good look at what you’re about to taste. You know this bubble butt is good enough to eat, don’t you, pervert? Just looking at it makes you drool. I know you can’t wait to sink your teeth into this sweet ass. And I’m not going to make you wait any longer. Dig in to it, baby. But just remember, this isn’t all about your boner. This is about worshiping what you rightfully should, and bringing ME to ecstasy. My pleasure comes first. Your cock is secondary. So take it slow, and start by gently running your tongue in between my tight cheeks. As I start to get turned on, I will part my ass cheeks more, inviting you to work your way into my puckered hole. And you will not stop worshiping this gorgeous ass until I say so. If you eat it just right, I might let you do more than just lick my perfect little rosebud. But privileges like that must be earned.

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September 2017 News


It is finally September, and that means I’ll have the house to myself a whole lot more often! I love summer, but to be honest, I have been looking forward to this for the past couple of months. I want to spend every moment possible making up for lost time!


In case you missed it, in August I released a sexy new photo set


I also released two HOT new Audio Mp3 blogs:


Eat My Ass, Baby

For the month of September I am planning on releasing a sexy photo set that was taken at the same time as the one I released last month, and three new audio blogs that include Ass Worship & Home Wrecking. 

I update my blog every Friday, so be on the look out for kinky new content!

My Photo Set “Sexxxy New Pics” is still up for grabs at the special price of $3.991 (8)

If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter. And be sure to favorite any of my listings on Niteflirt to be added to my special mailing list. I send out goodie bag updates, as well as free minutes & sexy pics!