Fuck My Ass

Sometimes I just need a guy to just take control and fuck me hard in my ass. Bend me over, grab my ass cheeks, and spread them as wide as they’ll go. Tease my pussy a little with your cock, just to get it wet, and then ram your fat dick inside of me, stretching my dirty little rosebud. Fuck my ass raw, baby. I’ll scream for you, beg you to stop because your cock is too big to fit in my ass, but you know deep down what I really want.

I want it harder.



Make it fit.

Stretch me.

Slam me until you explode inside of my asshole, filling me with your salty spunk. I want you to fuck me so good that my ass will still be twitching hours after you’ve left. I need to be flooded with your cum.

Then I want you to pull out, drop to your knees and bury your face in my ass. Eat your own cum out of my gaping hole, and finger my pussy until I cum and squirt all over the place.

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Tell Me Taboo Things

I love taboo phone sex calls. I never get tired of rubbing my pussy and making myself cum over and over again to filthy and forbidden thoughts. I love hearing you on the other end, breathing heavy and stroking your cock, while confessing all of your kinky secrets. Don’t be shy. Tell me exactly what you crave. And tell me just how naughty I am for coaxing it out of you. I love it when you tell me what a dirty whore I am because I get off on the twisted shit we talk about. I want you to call me your deviant little cock slut. When you call me those nasty names, I get so wet! I can’t help but pound my pretty little pussy so much harder. I am going to cum so hard right along with you, both of us exploding together.

Cum share your taboo fantasy with me?

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This blog is available on Mp3