Christmas Morning Fucking

Ohhh, Christmas. The Morning that everyone is up by the ass crack of dawn to gather around the tree and open their presents, listening to Christmas music and having a merry old time. It’s a wonderful thing. What could be better? I’ll tell you. Before you wake up at the crack of “OMG It’s Too Fucking Early To Be Awake”, maybe you should roll over and wake me up, with a nice stiff dick poke to one of my ass cheeks. Imagine sinking your dick into my warm, wet, soft pussy before the rest of the house wakes up to enjoy the day. You plunging inside me deeply, trying to be quiet, your lips pressed against mine as we do some Christmas Morning Fucking. I don’t know about you, but I think that would be the best Christmas Gift that you could ever give me.

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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

What the fuck ever you celebrate, I hope you have a great time! In an effort to spread a little christmas cheer to everyone on my “Naughty List”, I thought I’d send out a few pics. 


If you think I’ve been an extra special little slut this year, don’t be shy to show it. A girl loves to know she is appreciated. Even sluts. Especially sluts. 🙂 I have a Christmas wishlist on Amazon that you can send me gifts from. It has a wide range of items in variety of price ranges, and I update it regularly.  




By The Way: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, so if you feel the need to get naughty on Christmas, and can sneak away for some play time, don’t hesitate to give me a ring. I am planning to be on for most of Christmas day and I’d be happy to help you milk out that holiday nut.



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Eat My Ass

I know what my best assets are, and my ass is definitely at the top of the list. I know damn well that my tight bubble ass makes you weak in the knees. And lucky for you, I’m a dirty girl, and love to have that perfect ass worshiped. So go ahead and spread those cheeks wide open, and expose that ridged hole. Watch it twitch and pucker in anticipation of your tongue. Lick up and down my ass crack, and talk all kinds of nasty shit about what a trashy, dirty girl I am before working that tongue inside of my little rosebud. While you’re tongue fucking my filthy puckered hole, I will stroke your cock to the rhythm of your tongue. And if you do a good job, I’d be happy to return the favor. That’s right, I’ll eat your fucking ass, too. I am a legit dirty whore. I wasn’t joking about that at all. And when I get turned on, there isn’t shit I wouldn’t do in the name of busting that nut. I’ll eat your fucking shit hole like it is candy, if you work me up just right. I’ll start at your balls, moving my sweet tongue all around, slowly making my way back to your hole, and make out with it like it were your face. So get to it, baby. Dive into my perfect bubble ass with that tongue. And don’t be shy to use a finger or two, too. I know damn well I won’t hesitate when it’s my turn.

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This blog is available on Mp3