Spoil The Princess


I know how much my men love to spoil me. And while I LOVE receiving cash tributes, I also know that sometimes you like to make your tributes a little more personal. So I figured I’d make it a little easier for you to find out exactly what I need/want, and put everything all in one convenient place, so here it is! 🙂


If you would like to buy something for me on Amazon, have a variety of items on this Amazon Wish List that I would love to use this summer. I have everything from sexy bathing suits and clothes to fishing and camping equipment (yes, this redneck girl LOVES the outdoors) and a whole lot more on there would make your filthy princess so happy!

I try to make sure that everything on my wish list is from Amazon and Prime eligible, but if you have any trouble buying items from my wish list, it is probably because it is available through a 3rd party seller, and can’t be fulfilled directly. All you need to do is send an Amazon gift card to XXXSinfulSecrets@gmail.com with a note attached letting me know what you would like to purchase for me.


One of my favorite things to do when it gets hot is to go swimming. And this year, I plan on going a lot, so I’m going to need a pool pass. If you would like to purchase a pool pass for me you can click on the season pass pic below, and it will take you to a NF payment mail request.


Another one of my favorite warm weather activities is fishing. And since the judge won’t like it if I end up in his court room again for any reason, it would be best that I do things the legal way, and let you buy me fishing license. You can send me the $$$ I need to get a fishing license by clicking on the pic below, and it will take you to a NF payment mail request.


I drive a truck that I absolutely LOVE, but the thing is that it hogs all of the air conditioner junk up in no time, and I have to put it in the shop and get it recharged, or I’ll be shit out of luck. I had a shop give me a quote, and it’s going to be a pretty penny, but this filthy redneck princess doesn’t have to sweat it, because you’ll take care if it for me, won’t you? Just click on the pic below, and it will take you to a NF payment mail request.


I could also really use a yearly gift subscription to Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle Unlimited, both of which can be sent to XXXSinfulSecrets@gmail.com, too.


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