So, it has finally happened! Niteflirt has introduced their new chat/texting platform! I have been hoping for quite a while that they would set up something like this, and now it is here, and I am so excited! Although the system is a beta version, I think it will run pretty smoothly and expect it to become super popular. I especially love that the notifications can be directly linked to SMS, which means you can access me pretty much anytime, anywhere.

I have enrolled in the platform, and you should to! It is easy. Just click on the “Chat” tab at the top of my profile, and sign up! Once you’ve enrolled, feel free to text me anytime. As a flirt, I have to wait until you reach out to me to have a conversation. I will typically be available to answer chat/texts between 6am-9pm. I encourage role plays, both simple and elaborate, via chat. You can also text me to check my availability, or just to talk.

I love that I don’t have to be logged in as taking calls to accept chat/text requests. Sometimes I find myself in situations that limit my ability to actually talk, but I still feel like getting nasty. I know a lot of my callers have this problem, too. Maybe you’re not exactly home alone, or you’re at work, or whatever the case may be, and you’re in the mood to play. This chat/texting platform offers a fantastic opportunity to get our kink on no matter where we are.

As of right now, long messages/stories and pics will not be sent through chat/text. Those types of interactions will be confined to PPV email exchanges.

I can’t wait to hear from you!





Eat My Ass, Baby!

It’s always nice to have my pussy licked but you wanna know what I am really aching for right now? A fat tongue licking it’s way into my hot little asshole. In and out and all around, I love feeling your tongue rimming my hole! Do you like to eat ass? I think your mouth and my dirty little asshole needs to get acquainted. Don’t be shy. Use those fingers to finger fuck my pussy while tonguing my ass. I will cum so hard! If you rim me just right, I’ll return the favor.

Whether I’ve been out with the girls clubbing or working out at the gym, I enjoy being able to come home to an eager ass licker just waiting to clean me! Watch me as I slowly take my dirty thong off and tease you with my juicy round bottom. You want this ass so bad you can taste it, huh? I know you do. I know your tongue aches to lick me raw. I’ll use your tongue to my benefit for sure. Your face will be my favorite throne.

August 2017 News

Hey there, you kinky fuckers!

With one more month of summer left, I want to make the best of the rest of the season, so I’ll be hanging out at the pool quite a bit. But don’t worry, I’ll still be on to take your calls. If you have any trouble catching me online, just shoot me an email and we’ll set up a time to play.


In case you missed it, in July I released a HOT new Encore Cocksucking MP3


I also released two HOT new Audio Mp3 blogs:


Married Men Make Me Horny

For the month of August I am planning on releasing two new audio blogs and a new sexy photo set.

I update my blog every Friday, so be on the look out for kinky new content!

My Photo Set “Sexxxy New Pics” is up for grabs at the special price of $3.991 (8)

I also know how much some of you love to send me gifts and I love it when I receive a surprise package sent by you. So if you want to surprise me, you can check out my Wishlist on Amazon and send me something from on there! 

Thank You goes out to the following for notable tributes for the month of July:

Sissy TaylorNickMarleyAndrewBenCockJerkerJim

If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter. And be sure to favorite any of my listings on Niteflirt to be added to my special mailing list. I send out goodie bag updates, as well as free minutes & sexy pics!

Make My Boyfriend A Cuck

I may look sweet and innocent on the outside, but down deep, I’m a trashy, nasty slut that is aching to be fucked and pumped full of cum like the whore I truly am! But you already know that, don’t you?

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I am a cock addict, and your dick is exactly what my tight slit is aching for. I need your thick, throbbing shaft to stuff my pussy. I get so juicy just thinking about how you would turn me over doggy style and fuck me while my boyfriend sits over in the corner of the room, stroking off his cock with my wet panties. Maybe he’ll even join in on the fun, and hold up my legs while you fuck me. Or he could suck on my clit, and run his tongue all over your balls, milking you off into my pussy.

And after you’ve fucked me, that’s when his fun really begins. He’ll lie down on the bed, and I’ll straddle him, grinding my cream pie all over his face. He will lap up your cum and my fuck juices eagerly, tongue fucking my stretched out pussy, while I suck off your cock, cleaning it of all our creamy fun, until you’re ready to do it all over again.

Married Men Make Me Horny

I’ll be out running errands, shopping, or at a restaurant, and I’ll see a handsome man sporting a wedding band, and that’s when it starts. The urge to fuck and suck. My pussy starts to tighten and my nipples get so hard that they ache as I think what a catch he is. What a good father, husband, and provider he must be. I love a man that’s the full package. One that just exudes confidence, and knows how to wield his power. It makes me want to get down on my knees, right then and there, and suck his manly shaft. What can I say? I told you I’m a whore. Always have been. I’m known for opening my legs wide for any man that comes my way. Especially if he’s someone else’s. I’m always ready to get fucked hard and filled with cum!

And it’s not like they can resist me, either. I know how men are. They’re always horny, and on the prowl, which makes being a whore so easy. And they’re not just looking for any girl to get it on with. They’re looking for a girl like me who wants no strings attached, and that will do anything and everything their wives won’t. They’re looking for someone that they can get extremely kinky with. One that will make it possible to live out wild and wicked fantasies. And I’m just the girl for that! Their secrets are mine to keep, and as long as their cocks make my pussy quiver, my lips are sealed.