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Teen Pussy For Married Men ONLY – Homewrecking Phone Sex

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Even back in high school my friends called me a home wrecking little slut. And to be totally honest, I was. I’ve always been bold, and I used to flirt with my friends’ dads. Of course they almost always flirted back. I could tell by the way they looked at me that they wanted a piece of my sweet, innocent pussy. And I was more than happy to give it up to a few of them, but only with the married ones. If there wasn’t someone in their life that I was stealing the attention from, I just wasn’t really interested. One guy in particular was a whole lot of fun. It was my best friend’s dad, and he was HOT. We were fucking for a few months before his wife found out, and it landed him in a whole lot of trouble.

The reason my best friend’s mom found out about our affair was that I had “forgotten” a pair of my panties in the car after he took me out to play one night. I say “forgotten” because I actually did it on purpose. I wanted him to get caught, and have to fess up to his wife that he was fucking around with me, so I stuffed them into the glove box when he stopped at the store on our way back to the trailer park. She started grilling him about the cum stained satin panties while I was over there hanging out with my friend. But before he even had the chance to make any excuses, his daughter, Andi, recognized them and told her mom exactly who they belonged to. When his wife accused him, the guilt was written all over his face, and instead of denying it, he told her that I was the best pussy he ever had. Well, after that his wife divorced him, and Andi hated me, but still it was sooooo fucking hot! I tried fucking around with him after they were divorced, but I’m not really attracted to men I can actually have, so I left him in chaos I created, and moved on to the next married man. Serves him right, that cheating bastard.

When I sleep with a married man now, I still often find a way to do something like stash my panties some place where his wife is likely to find them. I get as much thrill out of getting caught as I do with sneaking around. I’m sure he doesn’t feel the same way, but if I really cared, I wouldn’t be fucking him to begin with. So make no mistake, I want her to know about me. I need her to understand that I am the type of demoralized side chick that will that she can never compete with.

If you’re a married man, I’d love to talk to you. Home wrecking phone sex is so fucking hot! Call me after that prudish bitch has went to bed, and we’ll get naughty together.

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