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Stupid Cupid!

Valentine’s day is creeping up on us so quickly, and I’m already seeing the same bullshit as every other year. All of these girls getting chocolates and roses, going to fancy restaurants….and all I can think is FUCK THAT! Their priorities are really out of whack if that is what that’s what makes them excited.

If you’re ever wondering what you should get me, I’ll give you a tip: Girls LOVE cold, hard cash, so a tribute is perfect.

Or if you want to get me a real gift, take a look at my Amazon Wish List. I have several to choose from (Toys, Clothes, Office, Bath & Beauty, Jewlery, etc…). You can buy it directly off my wishlist and surprise me,  or you can send me an Amazon gift card, requesting the item you want me to buy. There are plenty of things on my wish list that we could use together during a call, like vibrators and dildos, so the fun will be in it for you too!

And if you buy me a sex toy, not only will it be the gift that keeps on giving (orgasm after delicious orgasm), but I’ll be thinking about you every time I use it, even when we’re not on a call together!

As for what you want, I already know. You want me to be the dirty, kinky, anything goes, no taboo slut that’s ready and willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your naughty fantasies. You want me to give you an orgasm so intense it will blow your mind and make your toes curl. You want me to be everything your girlfriend/wife is not…and that’s exactly what I plan to do for you when you call me!  

 Call Trashy Redneck Princess for phone sex on Niteflirt.com


Happy Birthday To Me!



Some of you may have remembered, but I just thought I would put it out there that this kinky little cum slut has a birthday cumming up!

My birthday is January 21st!

If you’re wondering what to get a girl like me for her birthday, let me first say that I love receiving surprises in the mail, and buying me something off of my Amazon Wish List is a great way to do that!

I also love NiteFlirt tributes, as well as E-gift cards.

I’ll be logging on for at least a few hours on my birthday, if you want to give me a call!

Follow me on Twitter & don’t forget to favorite my listings on Niteflirt to ensure you receive all of my naughty special offers!

Can’t wait to get kinky with you!