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Verbally Degrade Me

We’ve just met, but the attraction is intense. We can’t keep our hands off each other. You kiss me deeply as your hands roam about my body. Your hot mouth finds my neck, kissing, nibbling as you start to take off my clothes. Your fingers find their way to my pussy, and start to run them up and down my hot wet slit. You can tell how much I want you, and you lean into my ear as you bury your fingers deep in my cunt and tell me what a dirty little cock whore I am.

I usually don’t enjoy being called names, but once I’m turned on I love being talked to like that. Something about being verbally humiliated during the height of sexual excitement by a man who knows just how to do it drives me wild. I need a man that is not afraid to whisper into my ear that I am a filthy slut, and that he owns me now. I want a man to tell me that he is going to give all of my whore holes the attention they deserve, filling each one with his creamy spunk. I want him to degrade me, calling me his little cum kitten, and whatever naughty names he can come up with, telling me just how slutty I look with my cum oozing from my freshly fucked sloppy slit. I need him to order me down to my knees to clean off that cum covered cock, as a good little dirty bitch should.

Just thinking about all the ways you would use and abuse me during our degrading phone sex call makes my pussy drip with anticipation. I want to be your little blond bimbo fuck doll, and I want you to get rough and fuck my throat, while you grunt out that I’m your filthy fuck toy. Then you should shove your cock in my tightly puckered asshole, pulling my hair and smacking my as you destroy it, and call me your anal whore.

If you’ve got what it takes to make me take your cock like a cute lil cunt ought to, give me a call and we’ll have some explosively degrading phone sex.


Cock Worshiping Whore

I love worshiping a nice thick, hard, throbbing dick. Putting it between my lips and sliding it down my throat makes me so wet! The cock is a beautiful piece of meat with smooth skin, nice veins, structured to bring pleasure. Mmmm! Just thinking about it make this cock worshiping cum whore horny! I want to get down on my knees in front of a hard shaft, running my hands over it as I take it in my mouth to memorize all the textures.

I like finding out what parts of your dick is the most sensitive, discovering what really drives you crazy as I’m licking and sucking. Do you like it when I rub your shaft all over my perky tits? I’ll press them together for you and jerk off your cock for a bit. But then I want you to take your cock between my legs, and feel you run slowly in to my tight hole. I want to feel the way the tip massages my hot wet walls. I need to feel the warm cum run out of me down to my crack. Then I want drop back to my knees to suck our juices from your shaft. The cum slut in me slowly licking every drop from your balls up until you are clean.

Fuck Me, Baby!

Want to know what makes my pussy drip with all my juices? Nothing gets me hotter than hearing about your dirty fantasies! I love an erotic chat where we both feel free to explore and imagine dirty scenarios.

I want to hear your heavy breaths as you stroke your cock. I want to rub my pussy to the rhythm of your groans, and excite each other’s bodies until we both explode!

I want to take us to a fantasy where you to slide my panties down, and bury your face in my pussy. Lick me until I am gushing all over your face. Then turn me over on all fours, and tease my pussy with your shaft. Rub the head all along my tight, wet slit. When I start moaning for more, pop your big, mushroom head into my snatch and pull it back out, over and over again, until I am so desperate for your cock that I am begging for you to fuck me!

And it’s only then that you firmly thrust your rock hard shaft inside my juicy cunt, burying it as far as it will go. You gently fuck me at first, steadily gaining speed. My moans grow louder as you pound into me. My pussy is so fucking wet! It feels so fucking good!

You tangle your fingers into my long hair, and pull my head back as you plunder my pussy. My breaths grow short, my moans quicker, as you ram my pussy. As I edge closer and closer to cumming, my swollen clit aches to be rubbed, and my hand finds its way in between my legs. I scream out your name as my pussy clenches around your cock, and we both gush cum together, pumping my pussy full of your hot, salty cum load as I squirt all over my hand.

I Want To Know What Gets You Hot

Are you in search of a fun, horny woman to get off with? Is there a naughty role play you’d like to explore? Are you a perverted freak that wants to share a deep, dark secret? Maybe you’re just looking for some relaxed conversation? No matter what you’re into, I’m the girl you want to call!

Hearing about what turns you on excites me. I love getting to know people and their kinks. I also love knowing that I can please you and give you your wildest fantasy. Whatever type of phone sex you’re into, I am more than happy to accommodate!

You can tell me anything…especially the things you wouldn’t dare tell the other women in your life. With me you can be as free as you’ve ever been, with no repercussions. I won’t judge for your desires, because I know that all men have them.

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Home Wrecker

Your wife had better watch out! Someone had better tell her pretty quick that she needs to take better care of her man, or he is going to be looking elsewhere. Because horny little sluts like me can pick up on the fact that a man is being neglected, and will snatch up the opportunity in a second!

I don’t blame you for straying. A man has needs, and if sweet ol’ wifey isn’t putting out, you need to get it somewhere else, right? Well, baby you’ve cum to the right girl. I’m not the type of chick to respect boundaries, and I sure don’t give a fuck about that frigid bitch of a wife you’ve got! I don’t care if you’re married. If you’re hot and have a big cock, I am more than willing to give you what you’ve been aching for.

I’m sure it will come as quite a shock to your soon to be ex-wife that I’m going to take her place, but when the time comes, I’ll remind her that she only has herself to blame. On top of shutting you off, she has really let her self go. But I’m young, hot, and have more kink in my pinky than she has in her entire body! When I’m you’re wife, I’ll be on a constant mission to see you satisfied. I have the energy and the passion to make sure your balls stay drained.

So the next time you can get some time away from your bitch wife, give your home wrecking mistress a call, and we’ll talk about just what it will be like when that old cow is out of the picture!

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Anything Goes

If you love trailer trash, then I’m your girl. I am the queen of trailer trash. I don’t care who you are or what you look like. As long as you’ve got a decent dick, I’m on it because I just love a good fuck. I think trailer trash girls are the best to fuck, because they will do whatever you want. Anything goes with a slut like me. I just love to get down and dirty, and will do anything to make you bust that nut. If you want me to lick your dirty asshole, I will. But you can bet that I am going to want you to lick mine in return. You can fuck any hole you want, however you want, too. I want cum dripping down my body. I want it running out of my pussy and ass. I will lick your cum off the dirty floor if you like. I will even fuck you and all of your friends at the same time. They will love filling whore holes as much as you do. So why don’t you give me a call and lets get down and dirty!

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Blackmailing Homewrecker

Well, well, well. Look at you. You’re a hot mess, aren’t you? That’s just the way I like it! You’re sweating and nervous, as I hound you for what I deserve. When will it end, you wonder.

At first it wasn’t so bad. We were just having fun. But after I started coaxing more and more information from you, you couldn’t help but wonder if you got into something that was way over your head. And as my demands keep growing larger, and your options become fewer, you were quite certain that you had indeed fell into the jaws of a predator. You were definitely having second thoughts then, weren’t you?

But a lot of good those will do you! Ha! You’re stuck in my web now, and there is no escape. You know exactly what’s going to happen if you fail to please me. I’m going to tell everyone about our little twisted, secret affair. Everyone is going to know that you are a blackmail phone sex addict. My phone records and emails prove it. You can’t get enough of me. But this little trashy homewrecking whore doesn’t give a fuck about you. Not really. I mean, you’re fun and all, but I’m the type of girl that keeps her eye on the prize. And it was really your wallet I was after, not your cock.

I am going to totally manipulate you, taking all of that money right out of you wallet. Maybe even right out of your bank account. What? Did you forget that while you were fumbling with that hard cock that you gave me all the information I needed to rinse you completely? HaHa! I had you so worked up you were practically begging me to take your account and pin numbers.

I know you will give me anything I want. You will pamper me and treat me like the Goddess I am, because if you don’t I’ll let your sweet little wife know what a pervy fucker you are, chasing after a trashy money hungry slut like me. She might not know now, but if I don’t get what I want, this homewrecking slut will unload all of your dirty secrets, and everyone will know how sick and twisted you are!

I’m really ready and willing to wreck your home if you get any ideas about backing out of our arrangement. The only way out now is through total ruin…Or my mercy. But I wouldn’t count on that if I were you. So hurry up with that fucking transfer. And don’t forget to show my WishList some love. The happier I am, the better off you’ll be.

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