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Christmas Morning Fucking

Ohhh, Christmas. The Morning that everyone is up by the ass crack of dawn to gather around the tree and open their presents, listening to Christmas music and having a merry old time. It’s a wonderful thing. What could be better? I’ll tell you. Before you wake up at the crack of “OMG It’s Too Fucking Early To Be Awake”, maybe you should roll over and wake me up, with a nice stiff dick poke to one of my ass cheeks. Imagine sinking your dick into my warm, wet, soft pussy before the rest of the house wakes up to enjoy the day. You plunging inside me deeply, trying to be quiet, your lips pressed against mine as we do some Christmas Morning Fucking. I don’t know about you, but I think that would be the best Christmas Gift that you could ever give me.

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Fuck Me, Baby!

Want to know what makes my pussy drip with all my juices? Nothing gets me hotter than hearing about your dirty fantasies! I love an erotic chat where we both feel free to explore and imagine dirty scenarios.

I want to hear your heavy breaths as you stroke your cock. I want to rub my pussy to the rhythm of your groans, and excite each other’s bodies until we both explode!

I want to take us to a fantasy where you to slide my panties down, and bury your face in my pussy. Lick me until I am gushing all over your face. Then turn me over on all fours, and tease my pussy with your shaft. Rub the head all along my tight, wet slit. When I start moaning for more, pop your big, mushroom head into my snatch and pull it back out, over and over again, until I am so desperate for your cock that I am begging for you to fuck me!

And it’s only then that you firmly thrust your rock hard shaft inside my juicy cunt, burying it as far as it will go. You gently fuck me at first, steadily gaining speed. My moans grow louder as you pound into me. My pussy is so fucking wet! It feels so fucking good!

You tangle your fingers into my long hair, and pull my head back as you plunder my pussy. My breaths grow short, my moans quicker, as you ram my pussy. As I edge closer and closer to cumming, my swollen clit aches to be rubbed, and my hand finds its way in between my legs. I scream out your name as my pussy clenches around your cock, and we both gush cum together, pumping my pussy full of your hot, salty cum load as I squirt all over my hand.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Faggot

Calling all cum eating phone sex faggots! Let’s get our kink on, and show me what a horny little slut you really are! Is your sissy whore hole aching for a big juicy cock? Do you want to be my bukkake slut? How about setting up a full on gang bang? I know lots of guys that would love to get a taste of my newest sissy fuck toy. The more, the merrier, right? HaHa!

I want to get you pumped full of cum. Give me the control to put you in your place, on your hands and knees, where you belong! All you have to do is admit what a dirty little skank faggot you are down deep, and confess to me just how much you want to be whored out by a trashy mistress like me, and all your kinky dreams will cum true.

Breed Me, Baby!

I love cum. I love to lap it up, I love to play with it on my tongue. I love to swallow it. But what I really love the most is being cummed in! All of that warm, sticky, gooey cum filling up my tight cunt is exactly what I need!

My pussy aches for you to flood my tight, juicy honey hole with your sperm. Fill me with yourself, laying claim to my womb as your own. I’ll admit that I am a naturally dominant girl. But for the right kind of guy, I do have a submissive side, and that side of me scream to be impregnated with your seed! I want to surrender my body to you! I want you to prove your manhood, cumming hard in my fertile cunt!

When my belly starts to grow, when you see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll know that you own me. I belong to you. I am your pregnant little fuck slut. I want you to rub my swollen, rounded belly while you fuck me, admiring your work. My tits, too, will become larger, my nipples bigger and darker, and soon they’ll be engorged with milk. You know you want to suckle from them, drinking that sweet milk as you grind that cock inside of me.

My nipples will become more sensitive, and you can tease me, licking and sucking on them as often as you please. After all, I am your little breeder slut now, and my body is yours for the teasing and taking whenever you feel like it. And I’m sure you know how horny pregnant girls are. I’ll be up for anything, anytime, and anywhere.

And after 9 months, we can do it all over again, keeping me full of your seed, breeding me again and again!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex

I’m sure that just by looking at this blog that you’ve figured out I am not your typical girl. I’m far from it. You might not know just how dirty and twisted I am, but I can assure you that the kinkier and dirtier it is, the wetter my pussy gets. Do you have a taboo fantasy that you are just aching to share with a nasty phone sex slut? Don’t be shy about telling me all the dirty details. I love hearing about it! With me, anything goes. So pick up the phone right now, and dial my extension!

Little Dick Loser – SPH Phone Sex

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Hey, you! Yes, you! The pathetic piece of shit reading this right now. I’m talking to you and you had better pay attention. I know you want a piece of this, but I haven’t decided just what I’m going to do with you yet. You see, I can’t quite tell if what you’ve got is enough for this slut, and I’m way to hot to have some little dick loser disappoint me. So pull it out and show me just how much you deserve my small penis humiliation phone sex.

HA! What a tiny little pecker that is! That little pencil dick isn’t nearly enough for a size queen like me. And I don’t care how much you beg. You’re NOT fucking ME. At least not with your dick. Your tongue is another matter, though. Get down on your knees and start using it to please my pussy, while I laugh at how inadequate your itty bitty boy clit is. I want you to stroke it while you tongue fuck my juicy cunt. Get it nice and hard. Oh, it’s already hard? You’re even more pathetic than I thought! Only sissies have dicks that little. I should probably just put you in a pair of panties and call it day, leaving you with your dick in your hand. But I’m going to let you prove to me that you’re not totally worthless. You’re going to show me that despite your small penis problems, you can still make a woman cum. Do whatever you have to do to send me over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm, while I’m reigning down humiliation on you. If you manage to accomplish that, we’ll see where things go from there. Who knows. Maybe after I cum, I’ll feel a little nicer towards my new little dick slave, and let you cum. But even then you’ll have to beg a whole lot.

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Fantasy Phone Sex

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So many kinky thoughts are swimming around in my head. That’s why I’m totally into fantasy phone sex calls. There are so many things I want to do, but have yet to experience. I want to explore all those dirty, dark fantasies you keep buried deep down inside. Keeping those desires locked away and unexpressed causes so much unnecessary frustration. You should call me, and we’ll dive into them head first, living out our wildest fantasies together over the phone!

And don’t be afraid to share every little detail of the things that turn you on. I am open to anything and everything. I am about as limitless and boundless as a dirty whore can get. So what if you can’t tell your wife/girlfriend about just how kinky you really are? You don’t really need her for that anymore since you’ve found me. She’s your vanilla main dish and I’m the sinfully delicious dessert. I’m willing to get as nasty and as kinky as you want without judgment, because I’m just as kinky and nasty as you are! You can tell me all about your forbidden desires and I won’t tell a soul. They’ll be our little secrets, and we’ll keep them between us. It’s better to share your taboo thoughts with a phone sex slut like me than to let them stay hidden away in the darkness, unenjoyed. What a waste of imagination that is!

  So if you’re tired of cumming to the same old vanilla bullshit, and want to live a little, give me a call.

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