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Who Is The Boss Now?

Everyone knows how much I love to role play. I love to assume roles of all kinds. But one of my favorites is being your sexy assistant. Just think of all the naughty, kinky fun we could have.

Lets say you are working from home, and you forgot something at the office, so you call me to bring over the files you need. I tell you that I’ll be there after lunch, but as it turns out, it would really work out better if I brought them over right now. I don’t bother to call you back and let you know I’m on my way. I figure you’ll be happy to have them sooner rather than later, anyway. Using the key you gave me, I walk inside the house and into your home office. You are nowhere to be found, so I just place the files on your desk and am about to leave when I hear a loud noise in the back of the house. Concerned about your safety and being a very good assistant, I walk down the hall to check it out. Your bedroom door is open and I peek in. There is a lamp knocked over, (the noise I heard) and you are dancing around in a sexy little panties and stockings! You’ve got your ear buds in and have no idea that I’m there. Just imagine my surprise to find my big manly boss is a little sissy cross dresser! *giggles*

I take my phone out and start taking some pictures, when you turn around and see me. You are so shocked and embarrassed – but turned on too! I can see that cock getting hard in those silky red panties. I walk over to your nightstand – certain that I will find something fun in there – and pull out a big dildo. Now, I’m gonna show you what happens to little sissies who crossdress during business hours! Who is the boss now?


Breed Me, Baby!

I love cum. I love to lap it up, I love to play with it on my tongue. I love to swallow it. But what I really love the most is being cummed in! All of that warm, sticky, gooey cum filling up my tight cunt is exactly what I need!

My pussy aches for you to flood my tight, juicy honey hole with your sperm. Fill me with yourself, laying claim to my womb as your own. I’ll admit that I am a naturally dominant girl. But for the right kind of guy, I do have a submissive side, and that side of me scream to be impregnated with your seed! I want to surrender my body to you! I want you to prove your manhood, cumming hard in my fertile cunt!

When my belly starts to grow, when you see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll know that you own me. I belong to you. I am your pregnant little fuck slut. I want you to rub my swollen, rounded belly while you fuck me, admiring your work. My tits, too, will become larger, my nipples bigger and darker, and soon they’ll be engorged with milk. You know you want to suckle from them, drinking that sweet milk as you grind that cock inside of me.

My nipples will become more sensitive, and you can tease me, licking and sucking on them as often as you please. After all, I am your little breeder slut now, and my body is yours for the teasing and taking whenever you feel like it. And I’m sure you know how horny pregnant girls are. I’ll be up for anything, anytime, and anywhere.

And after 9 months, we can do it all over again, keeping me full of your seed, breeding me again and again!

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Foot Fetish Fun

Feeling up for some foot fetish phone sex fun? You can start with taking off my high heels. These red stilettos are so sexy, and I love wearing them, but after walking in them all day, my feet could use some extra special attention. And you’re just the guy for the job, aren’t you?

I know how much you love feet, especially when they’re nice and sweaty. I can tell by the growing bulge in your pants, and your eagerness to worship my feet that you have a really kinky foot fetish. Why don’t you start by massaging them with your strong hands, while I lie back and enjoy.

As you work your magic, running your hands all over the tops of my feet, around my heels, and up my arches, your breathing becomes heavier, and I know just how turned on your getting. I hold my foot up a little closer to your face, and give you a nice whiff of my ripe feet. As you breathe in my scent you become heady. A look of pure ecstasy passes over your face, and you just can’t resist the urge any longer. You bring my foot up to your mouth and taste it. Your tongue wanders all over my foot, just as your hands had, and you moan your pleasure through the mouthful of my foot. I

pull you up on the bed with me and reach into your pants to stroke your cock. As I work your shaft, you continue to worship my feet, until you’re right on the edge. Then you stand back up, as I hold my feet in the air, and blow your cum load all over my pretty little painted toes.

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Sissy Brittany’s Trick or Treat

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I love Halloween! Every year at the trailer park, we have a huge party where everyone is expected to dress up in costume. There’s a bonfire, dancing, drinking and all kinds of fun. Sometimes things kind of get out of hand, but the fun of the party is that anything can happen. Last year I dressed up as catwoman, and like every year, I got totally wasted. I was hanging out with my friend Tiffany on her lot. We were drinking and chatting when up walked a guy named Brian. Brian lives 4 trailers down from me, and although I don’t know much about him, I’ve always had him pegged as sort of a fruit. Everything about him is tinged with femininity; his walk, his talk, his style. The guy doesn’t seem to have one manly bone in his entire body. So it was no big surprise to see him dressed in drag.

Tiffany and I poked a little fun at him, teasing him about how passable we could make him look if he just gave us 10 minutes to doll him up, but instead of laughing, he got down on his knees and begged us to do it. Well, when it comes to turning a bitch boy into a little sissy, you don’t have to ask me twice, so Tiffany and I took him into her bathroom and gave him a quick makeover. And just as I said, within 10 minutes he could have easily been mistaken for a real girl.

He looked at himself in the mirror and I could tell by his expression that he liked what we had done. He turned to thank me, but I stopped him and told him not to thank me just yet. I had some wildly wild ideas floating around in my head, and I wasn’t even close to finished with him tonight!

I told Brian that he wasn’t going to go by that name tonight. Instead, he was Brittany, and since he wants to dress like a girl, he’s going to find out what being a chick in this trailer park was really all about. His eyes lit up, and he squealed with excitement when I told him I was going to get him stuffed full of cock.

Tiffany and I took Brittany out into the thick of the party where we found two big fuck studs to bring back to the house. We promised them that they could do whatever they wanted to Sissy Brittany, and as soon as we were in the door, they ravaged her, filling both her mouth and her tight boy pussy full of meaty shaft. They fucked her so hard that it made the trailer rock. But the hottest part was when I told them to stand over Brittany’s face, and Tiffany and I jerked off their cocks. As I worked that cock in my hand, I could feel him getting closer, so I leaned down to Brittany’s ear, and whispered “Trick or Treat”. She got her treat all right. All over her slutty sissy face. I’ve never seen someone so happy to be covered in cum.

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Slutty Trailer Park MILF

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The very first thing you should know about me is that I’m a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. I spent a lot of time in a trailer park in West Virginia, where all the redneck trashiness rubbed off on me. It was chock full of pervy fuckers just aching to show me what being a nasty cock whore was all about, and I was an eager student to say the least. Before long, I was a trailer park favorite. All the guys were stopping by to get a taste of what I could give them. And like a good little skanky whore, I made them all cum so hard. It made all the other sluts and wives in the trailer park jealous, but I can’t help that I’m a better piece of ass than them.

I’m not so eager and willing to do it just because and with no strings attached anymore, though. As much as I love sex, I’m also a money hungry bitch. And I’ve learned that a man looking to bust a nut with me will pay for all sorts of things, like my party goodies, light bill, hair and nail appointments…So if they want some of this, they have to offer me a little incentive now. But my tight, wet pussy, wonder tongue and willingness to get all kinds of kinky makes them more than happy to give me whatever I want. And it’s a good thing too, because I’d hate to have to work a 9-5 or some shit. Like, EWWWW! A trashy redneck princess like me would much rather be a sugar baby and earn what she wants on her back than answer to some pathetic pimply faced punk manager for peanuts. That’s one reason I started whoring myself out here and being a total phone slut. Trailer park pickin’s aren’t getting any slimmer, but my wants and needs sure are getting bigger, and I ain’t filling out no fucking applications!

For the most part, I’m a single MILF. I mean, there are baby daddies that are in and out of the picture and I have a few guys that hang around often enough that they could be confused as boyfriends. But really, all I have are fuck buddies. So I’m free as a bird to do what I want, who I want, whenever I want, and I like it that way. 

As for what specifically turns me on, lots of stuff gets me juicy. I’m a truly trashy princess, which means I have no limits, and can be as dirty and as kinky as you want to get. I like all kinds of fetishes & taboos and can be as extreme as you want to be. I’m naturally a bitch which means that cuckolding, sissification, blackmail, financial domination, smoking, bratty princess, CBT, humiliation, tease & denial, size queen, forced cum eating and forced bi are favorites of mine. But I also enjoy more submissive roles, too, like being your accomplice, giving sloppy blow jobs, taking it deep in my ass and letting you get as rough as you want.

If you want to hear more about who I am, and all the dirty things I’m willing to do, you should call me!

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