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Foot Fetish Fun

Feeling up for some foot fetish phone sex fun? You can start with taking off my high heels. These red stilettos are so sexy, and I love wearing them, but after walking in them all day, my feet could use some extra special attention. And you’re just the guy for the job, aren’t you?

I know how much you love feet, especially when they’re nice and sweaty. I can tell by the growing bulge in your pants, and your eagerness to worship my feet that you have a really kinky foot fetish. Why don’t you start by massaging them with your strong hands, while I lie back and enjoy.

As you work your magic, running your hands all over the tops of my feet, around my heels, and up my arches, your breathing becomes heavier, and I know just how turned on your getting. I hold my foot up a little closer to your face, and give you a nice whiff of my ripe feet. As you breathe in my scent you become heady. A look of pure ecstasy passes over your face, and you just can’t resist the urge any longer. You bring my foot up to your mouth and taste it. Your tongue wanders all over my foot, just as your hands had, and you moan your pleasure through the mouthful of my foot. I

pull you up on the bed with me and reach into your pants to stroke your cock. As I work your shaft, you continue to worship my feet, until you’re right on the edge. Then you stand back up, as I hold my feet in the air, and blow your cum load all over my pretty little painted toes.

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