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Married Men Make Me Horny

I’ll be out running errands, shopping, or at a restaurant, and I’ll see a handsome man sporting a wedding band, and that’s when it starts. The urge to fuck and suck. My pussy starts to tighten and my nipples get so hard that they ache as I think what a catch he is. What a good father, husband, and provider he must be. I love a man that’s the full package. One that just exudes confidence, and knows how to wield his power. It makes me want to get down on my knees, right then and there, and suck his manly shaft. What can I say? I told you I’m a whore. Always have been. I’m known for opening my legs wide for any man that comes my way. Especially if he’s someone else’s. I’m always ready to get fucked hard and filled with cum!

And it’s not like they can resist me, either. I know how men are. They’re always horny, and on the prowl, which makes being a whore so easy. And they’re not just looking for any girl to get it on with. They’re looking for a girl like me who wants no strings attached, and that will do anything and everything their wives won’t. They’re looking for someone that they can get extremely kinky with. One that will make it possible to live out wild and wicked fantasies. And I’m just the girl for that! Their secrets are mine to keep, and as long as their cocks make my pussy quiver, my lips are sealed.

Blackmail & Intox

I’m a party girl, but while I love getting fucked up, it’s even more fun when you are the one getting wasted. Want to know why that is? It’s because the more you drink, the more you talk. And the more you talk, the more I learn all about you, your life, and your dirty desires. And that kind of information can come in handy, if a girl knows just how to work the right guy.

We’ll start out slow with a shot or two here, and a shot or two there. Nothing too crazy at first. I don’t want to seem too bold, and scare you away. I need to convince you that I’m the type of girl you can lower your guard with. But that won’t take long. I can be very charming, and I’ll make you feel so comfortable around me, that you won’t have any problems opening up. When I know I have your trust, the drinks will start coming faster, and the questions I ask will be more probing. But by then you’ll be so fucked up that you won’t even realize that the questions I’m asking you are ones you should think twice about answering.

I will get you to pour out all your naughty secrets to me. And every bit of your confessional will be tucked away in my blackmail bank to use against you later. After a night with me, I will know EVERYTHING I need to know to make sure you will stay right underneath my thumb. And since I like to ensure that you won’t be going anywhere once I get my talons in you, I probably won’t even wait to entice you into a compromising position. You can almost bet that the next morning, when you sober up, you’ll be confronted with hard photographic evidence of just how fucked over you are!

You sure wouldn’t want your wife to know what a naughty boy you’ve been, now would you? You told me all about her last night. Don’t remember? Well, I could play back that bit of audio I recorded of you talking about what a horrible bitch she is, if that would help jog your memory. Didn’t you know I did that? HA! There’s a lot of things you can’t recall, apparently. I sure would love to share with her everything you said. And I just might, too. I have her number right here. While you were sleeping, I took the liberty of transferring all of your contacts into my phone. So she’s not the only one I’ll be reaching out to if you don’t play by my rules.

Home Wrecker

Your wife had better watch out! Someone had better tell her pretty quick that she needs to take better care of her man, or he is going to be looking elsewhere. Because horny little sluts like me can pick up on the fact that a man is being neglected, and will snatch up the opportunity in a second!

I don’t blame you for straying. A man has needs, and if sweet ol’ wifey isn’t putting out, you need to get it somewhere else, right? Well, baby you’ve cum to the right girl. I’m not the type of chick to respect boundaries, and I sure don’t give a fuck about that frigid bitch of a wife you’ve got! I don’t care if you’re married. If you’re hot and have a big cock, I am more than willing to give you what you’ve been aching for.

I’m sure it will come as quite a shock to your soon to be ex-wife that I’m going to take her place, but when the time comes, I’ll remind her that she only has herself to blame. On top of shutting you off, she has really let her self go. But I’m young, hot, and have more kink in my pinky than she has in her entire body! When I’m you’re wife, I’ll be on a constant mission to see you satisfied. I have the energy and the passion to make sure your balls stay drained.

So the next time you can get some time away from your bitch wife, give your home wrecking mistress a call, and we’ll talk about just what it will be like when that old cow is out of the picture!

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Blackmailing Homewrecker

Well, well, well. Look at you. You’re a hot mess, aren’t you? That’s just the way I like it! You’re sweating and nervous, as I hound you for what I deserve. When will it end, you wonder.

At first it wasn’t so bad. We were just having fun. But after I started coaxing more and more information from you, you couldn’t help but wonder if you got into something that was way over your head. And as my demands keep growing larger, and your options become fewer, you were quite certain that you had indeed fell into the jaws of a predator. You were definitely having second thoughts then, weren’t you?

But a lot of good those will do you! Ha! You’re stuck in my web now, and there is no escape. You know exactly what’s going to happen if you fail to please me. I’m going to tell everyone about our little twisted, secret affair. Everyone is going to know that you are a blackmail phone sex addict. My phone records and emails prove it. You can’t get enough of me. But this little trashy homewrecking whore doesn’t give a fuck about you. Not really. I mean, you’re fun and all, but I’m the type of girl that keeps her eye on the prize. And it was really your wallet I was after, not your cock.

I am going to totally manipulate you, taking all of that money right out of you wallet. Maybe even right out of your bank account. What? Did you forget that while you were fumbling with that hard cock that you gave me all the information I needed to rinse you completely? HaHa! I had you so worked up you were practically begging me to take your account and pin numbers.

I know you will give me anything I want. You will pamper me and treat me like the Goddess I am, because if you don’t I’ll let your sweet little wife know what a pervy fucker you are, chasing after a trashy money hungry slut like me. She might not know now, but if I don’t get what I want, this homewrecking slut will unload all of your dirty secrets, and everyone will know how sick and twisted you are!

I’m really ready and willing to wreck your home if you get any ideas about backing out of our arrangement. The only way out now is through total ruin…Or my mercy. But I wouldn’t count on that if I were you. So hurry up with that fucking transfer. And don’t forget to show my WishList some love. The happier I am, the better off you’ll be.

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Cheating Phone Sex

Hey! Is that a wedding ring on your finger? Want to have some cheating phonesex?

I know I can be a total slutty bitch, but I can’t help it. I can’t resist a married man. The reason I love that you’re married is because it makes bedding you a challenge. I know that you’re going to try to resist, but I work really hard at seducing you, playing on all of your weaknesses. I’m too good at what I do for you to not give in, and when you finally cave, you’ll be sneaking away with me every chance you get!

I love that when you’re fucking her, you really wish she were me. And you will, because she can’t please you like I can. She won’t do all the things I do. She won’t be the filthy little fuck whore I am. She won’t suck your cock until you nut deep down her throat, and then keep sucking until she’s sure you’re balls have been completely drained. She won’t let you fuck her in the ass hard like I let you, and then turn around to clean it off like an eager little cum slut. She won’t let you call her all the vulgar, dirty names that make me so wet and horny.

Pretty soon she will seem so boring that you CAN’T get hard without fantasizing about me. And then you’ll really be fucked because sooner or later, you’re going to let my name slip up while you fucking her, wishing she was me. And then our cheating phone sex affair will turn into home wrecking phone sex, just as I had always planned. 

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Teen Pussy For Married Men ONLY – Homewrecking Phone Sex

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Even back in high school my friends called me a home wrecking little slut. And to be totally honest, I was. I’ve always been bold, and I used to flirt with my friends’ dads. Of course they almost always flirted back. I could tell by the way they looked at me that they wanted a piece of my sweet, innocent pussy. And I was more than happy to give it up to a few of them, but only with the married ones. If there wasn’t someone in their life that I was stealing the attention from, I just wasn’t really interested. One guy in particular was a whole lot of fun. It was my best friend’s dad, and he was HOT. We were fucking for a few months before his wife found out, and it landed him in a whole lot of trouble.

The reason my best friend’s mom found out about our affair was that I had “forgotten” a pair of my panties in the car after he took me out to play one night. I say “forgotten” because I actually did it on purpose. I wanted him to get caught, and have to fess up to his wife that he was fucking around with me, so I stuffed them into the glove box when he stopped at the store on our way back to the trailer park. She started grilling him about the cum stained satin panties while I was over there hanging out with my friend. But before he even had the chance to make any excuses, his daughter, Andi, recognized them and told her mom exactly who they belonged to. When his wife accused him, the guilt was written all over his face, and instead of denying it, he told her that I was the best pussy he ever had. Well, after that his wife divorced him, and Andi hated me, but still it was sooooo fucking hot! I tried fucking around with him after they were divorced, but I’m not really attracted to men I can actually have, so I left him in chaos I created, and moved on to the next married man. Serves him right, that cheating bastard.

When I sleep with a married man now, I still often find a way to do something like stash my panties some place where his wife is likely to find them. I get as much thrill out of getting caught as I do with sneaking around. I’m sure he doesn’t feel the same way, but if I really cared, I wouldn’t be fucking him to begin with. So make no mistake, I want her to know about me. I need her to understand that I am the type of demoralized side chick that will that she can never compete with.

If you’re a married man, I’d love to talk to you. Home wrecking phone sex is so fucking hot! Call me after that prudish bitch has went to bed, and we’ll get naughty together.

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