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Put Your Little Dick Away

You know, I think it’s really sad that you thought that you could actually please me with your tiny dick. It is ridiculous, really. You should know damn well that a girl like me needs something thick and juicy. You worked so hard to get me all hot and bothered, only to pull out that pathetic little nub? HA! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? You aren’t even big enough for anal! What a fucking disappointment! I don’t waste time on little dicks, so you can just put that worthless little cocklette back in your pants. You talked so much shit about how deep and hard you were going to fuck me. With what? You don’t have shit to fuck me with! All that smack you talked about getting me off so hard, telling me how you’ve made girls cum for your cock. Who the fuck are you kidding? You don’t have the tool to even begin the job, let alone finish it. Trust me, I’m pretty sure that no girl has ever busted a nut with the “help” of your little 3 inch nail. I’d sure like to know just what kind of a pathetic girl you were “fucking” that thought she even had to fake it with a little dick loser like you.

No, you can keep that shit to yourself. I’m just going to sit over here and play with this fat fucking dildo, and you can watch me give my pussy the pleasure that I deserve!


Cross Dressing Phone Sex

Get over here, you little cross-dressing phone sex whore! I know that just underneath your manly, rugged exterior, there is a little sissy bitch dying to be feminized by a woman like me. You dream of being taught how to be a proper little bitch, so when you’re all alone, you go in your bedroom, lock the door and give me a call for some intense sissy training phone sex.

We’ll start with some humiliation, because I need to remind you that you are nothing but a tiny dick faggot, and that because you are so hopelessly pathetic, you were destined to dress like a slut and take cock.

Then I’ll order you to draw yourself a bubble bath, and shave off all of the hair on your body. After you’re smooth, you need to put on the sexy outfit I laid out for you: Red, lacy panties with a matching bra. A short, tight black dress. Thigh high stockings and a pair of 6 inch stilettos.

I’ll do your hair and make-up, and then we’ll start on your walking lessons. Every sissy needs to know how to swing her hips and parade herself like a hooker.

As soon as you’ve mastered the slut walk, you’re going to really put it to work. I’m going to turn you out on the streets and you will turn tricks for me as the sexy new she-male on the block. The guys will love you. You will be irresistible. You will suck and fuck so much cock. You’ll have no problem reaching and exceeding the 12 cum load quota I set for you each day!

SPH Phone Sex

It is no secret that I am a size queen. I love big cock, but then again, who doesn’t? I’m sure I’ve said it before, so it should come as no surprise to you that I have to have at least 7 inches to satisfy me. And let’s be honest here, you don’t even come close to measuring up. You’re about 6 inches shy of my bare minimum.

But that doesn’t mean you’re totally useless.

Yes, you do have a very small penis, and there is no way I would ever fuck you. But you could be used for my entertainment. And that is something, which is better than nothing, right?

Really, you’re just what I need when it comes to small penis humiliation phone sex. I feel this drive to be cruel, and love to humiliate you for being such an inadequate, pathetic loser. I can’t help but laugh at you when you pull out that little pecker, and start jerking it off. I think it is so funny that you have to do it with two fingers. That shrimp dick would get lost in your hand. Completely disappear. Hahahaha!

Come on, now. You can’t get mad at a girl for telling the truth. And you certainly can’t blame me for whipping out my phone to take pictures. When I tell my friends how small you are, I have to have the proof to back it up, or they won’t believe me. Everyone jokes about it, but no one believes that a dick this small exists.

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Cuckold Boyfriend

You knew what you were getting into when you got with me. You knew that I was the biggest whore you had ever met. It’s not like I try to hide it. I have always been upfront about being a slut. I like variety, and will fuck every big cock I can!

I remember how turned on you were the first time that I told you that if you wanted to be my boyfriend, you would have to put up with me fucking around with anybody and everybody, because I wasn’t the type of girl that would ever belong to just one man. But you didn’t care about that, did you? You liked that I was a total slut. I was exactly the type of girl you had been looking for all along. The type of girl that would cuckold you. You told me that as long as I at least shared with you all of the dirty details, I could do whatever I wanted. And so I did. Haha! I started bringing guys over to the house while you were at work, and let them fuck all of my tight holes, filling me with all that creamy spunk. I would text you pictures of my cream filled pussy and my gaping ass. Sometimes I would even call you and let you listen in to what was going on in your castle while you were earning the paycheck that I was going to spend. Then you would come home, and eagerly lap up the cream from my cummy holes, sucking my lovers’ seed out of my slutty cunt and ass.

But it wasn’t long until I kicked it up a notch. I decided that sharing the dirty details wasn’t enough for me, and that I wanted you to be a part of it, and I was going to push you as far as you could go. So one night, after you got off of work, I called one of my BBC fuck studs and told him to come over for some fun. At first you were a little reluctant, but you quickly warmed up to the idea of watching me take that thick, dark, meaty cock deep inside my juicy slut holes. You didn’t even blink an eye when I made you suck my clit as I was getting pounded with those balls slapping up against your face. And by the time he pulled that cum covered shaft from my pussy, you were so turned on that you didn’t think twice about sucking his big black cock clean like a good little cuckie boyfriend.

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Ass Eating Sissy Slut

I know that you’re nothing but a fucking sissy boy slut. I know you want me to use and abuse you like the piece of trash you are! It makes you so hot to be such a skanky slut for me. And I’m going to make you prove just how well trained my little cum whore is tonight during the gangbang I set up!

I’m going to make you fluff every cock that shows up tonight. You’re going to be on your knees, dressed like such a little sissy fuck whore, sucking cock after cock! And then you’re going to lay down beside me, and get fucked! We’re both going to get pounded by nice thick shafts until we’re completely full of cum. But even as the last guy pumps you full of jizz, we’re not done yet, because I have something else in store for you, my filthy sissy!

I know you crave the taste of cum. You will do anything and everything to get it, won’t you? You don’t care if it is straight from the cock or if you have to suck it from out of my dirty, gaping ass. Well, at least that’s what you’ve always said, but we’re going to test that last part tonight, because I am going to make you get down on your knees and clean my stretched out, sloppy, filthy fucking ass. You are going to prove to me and everyone else that is watching what a dirty little sissy whore you are, and slurp the cream pie straight from my nasty asshole! Lap up ever last dirty drop of that salty jizz, you ass cleaning little sissy slut! 

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Pin Dick Cuck

 I know exactly what kind of guy you are. You are the type of guy that loves to watch your woman being pleased by another man. You crave being with a cuckolding diva like me. Is it because you have a worthless little cock? Are you incapable of handling the needs of woman? You can go ahead and tell me just how inadequate that pathetic little pindick is.

With a little cock like that, it is no wonder that the girls you get with always end up cheating on you. It is just a shame that they don’t bring you in on the fun, and take up the opportunity to humiliate you. That’s what I would do. I would put you in your place, which is down on your knees, cleaning out the cream pie that a REAL man left behind. Because that’s the only thing you’re good for! I want to make you watch me get pounded. I want you to see my face contort with pleasure as I cum all over his cock, and I want you to hear me beg for his salty jizz!

Then you’re going to climb in between my legs, and kneel down to lap up the sloppy mess oozing from my freshly fucked pussy! Lap it up like a good little cuck, and if you do a good job, I may show some pity and let you put your pathetic little pindick into me as a reward. Don’t expect me to get too excited, though. After being fucked like that, I doubt I’ll be able to feel it at all. Even at my tightest, I hardly could to begin with, as little as your dicklette is.

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BBC Cuckolding

I always get a kick out of cuckolding phone sex. You don’t have to explain to me that you have a tiny dick. It is pretty much a given when a phone sex sissy like you wants to talk about some big, thick stud fucking your wife. Don’t you wish you were as well endowed as he is? Don’t you wish you could make your wife cum as hard as he does?

Well, you aren’t and you can’t, and there is nothing you can do about it. So you have to wait at home like a good little cuck, while she goes out and finds a REAL man to bring home to do what you couldn’t even begin to.

While you’re waiting for her, you watch the home videos you’ve made of her with other lovers. That clitty of yours gets so hard watching her get fucked, doesn’t it? And you know it is just a matter of time before she comes home with a new toy to play with. You know just the kind she’ll bring home, too. He’ll probably be young and black, with at least an 8 inch cock. That seems to be her type.

She’ll want to degrade you in front of him. That seems to turn her on the most. And since it is the only way you can please her, you’ll happily comply when she orders you down on your knees to fluff her new BBC fuck toy. You’ll do anything she demands, because you know that if you’re a good boy, she’ll let you eat that cream pie. And if you’re really lucky, she might just let you put your cock in her pussy after he has filled her cunt with his salty cream. It doesn’t matter to you that the only reason she does is because she wants to humiliate you more, teasing you about how she can’t even feel you inside her freshly fucked cunt. He stretched her out so much, and you’re just too small. But you like it better that way, anyway, don’t you?

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