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Give Me Your Seed!

Do you love fucking sluts raw? Well with me you can just put that condom away, because I refuse to fuck any other. I need it bareback! I love how it feels when your bare dick pounds me as hard as you can. I don’t even care that you could knock me up. In fact, I hope you do! I love taking the risk. Nothing is more satisfying than not knowing whether yours is the seed that’s going to do the deed. And wouldn’t you love to breed my trashy little pussy? Being my baby daddy has it’s perks. I’ll let you come by and fuck me whenever you want, and a pregnant slut is ALWAYS horny.


BBC Breeding Bash Part 1

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“I love being pregnant. Everyone has heard that pregnant girls are always down to fuck, and everybody loves a horny knocked up slut. But as much as I love being pregnant, attempting to get pregnant is the best part. Especially when you go about it in an extra kinky way. I’ve been thinking about getting knocked up for a while, and last month I had figured it was finally time to have another, ’cause the benefits I was receiving from the state weren’t stretching as far as they used to, and everyone knows…”

Breed Me, Baby!

I love cum. I love to lap it up, I love to play with it on my tongue. I love to swallow it. But what I really love the most is being cummed in! All of that warm, sticky, gooey cum filling up my tight cunt is exactly what I need!

My pussy aches for you to flood my tight, juicy honey hole with your sperm. Fill me with yourself, laying claim to my womb as your own. I’ll admit that I am a naturally dominant girl. But for the right kind of guy, I do have a submissive side, and that side of me scream to be impregnated with your seed! I want to surrender my body to you! I want you to prove your manhood, cumming hard in my fertile cunt!

When my belly starts to grow, when you see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll know that you own me. I belong to you. I am your pregnant little fuck slut. I want you to rub my swollen, rounded belly while you fuck me, admiring your work. My tits, too, will become larger, my nipples bigger and darker, and soon they’ll be engorged with milk. You know you want to suckle from them, drinking that sweet milk as you grind that cock inside of me.

My nipples will become more sensitive, and you can tease me, licking and sucking on them as often as you please. After all, I am your little breeder slut now, and my body is yours for the teasing and taking whenever you feel like it. And I’m sure you know how horny pregnant girls are. I’ll be up for anything, anytime, and anywhere.

And after 9 months, we can do it all over again, keeping me full of your seed, breeding me again and again!

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Impregnation Phone Sex

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I don’t know what it is about impregnation phone sex fantasies, but they drive me wild! When I think about a guy shooting his salty spunk inside of my hot, wet pussy, I can’t help but reach down and rub my clit. I’ve made a habit of fucking as many men as I can bareback, and every time I do, I wonder if this cock is the one that will knock me up. And when he finally pops off his creamy load in my slutty snatch, it sends me right over the edge into a full body orgasm.

I especially like bareback gangbang phone sex. Nothing is as satisfying as playing cock roulette with my fertile womb. Like a true slut, I’m not picky. It doesn’t really matter who it is, so long as the job gets done. My only rule in the gangbang is that not a drop of cum is to be wasted! Once I’m knocked up, they can use me however they wish. But until then, all of them have to cum in my pussy. I just want to be pregnant so badly! I want to feel that seed expand and watch my belly grow. I want my breast to fill with sweet milk that I can share with you. And then, once it is over, I want to do it all over again. I want to be pregnant all the time!

Is there a girl that you are dying to impregnate? Your wife? Your co-worker? That young slutty girl next door neighbor? Maybe it’s someone a little more forbidden. Call me now for some impregnation phone sex, and whoever she is, I’ll be her. 

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