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Cum With Me MP3





Fuck Me, Baby!

Want to know what makes my pussy drip with all my juices? Nothing gets me hotter than hearing about your dirty fantasies! I love an erotic chat where we both feel free to explore and imagine dirty scenarios.

I want to hear your heavy breaths as you stroke your cock. I want to rub my pussy to the rhythm of your groans, and excite each other’s bodies until we both explode!

I want to take us to a fantasy where you to slide my panties down, and bury your face in my pussy. Lick me until I am gushing all over your face. Then turn me over on all fours, and tease my pussy with your shaft. Rub the head all along my tight, wet slit. When I start moaning for more, pop your big, mushroom head into my snatch and pull it back out, over and over again, until I am so desperate for your cock that I am begging for you to fuck me!

And it’s only then that you firmly thrust your rock hard shaft inside my juicy cunt, burying it as far as it will go. You gently fuck me at first, steadily gaining speed. My moans grow louder as you pound into me. My pussy is so fucking wet! It feels so fucking good!

You tangle your fingers into my long hair, and pull my head back as you plunder my pussy. My breaths grow short, my moans quicker, as you ram my pussy. As I edge closer and closer to cumming, my swollen clit aches to be rubbed, and my hand finds its way in between my legs. I scream out your name as my pussy clenches around your cock, and we both gush cum together, pumping my pussy full of your hot, salty cum load as I squirt all over my hand.

Put Your Little Dick Away

You know, I think it’s really sad that you thought that you could actually please me with your tiny dick. It is ridiculous, really. You should know damn well that a girl like me needs something thick and juicy. You worked so hard to get me all hot and bothered, only to pull out that pathetic little nub? HA! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? You aren’t even big enough for anal! What a fucking disappointment! I don’t waste time on little dicks, so you can just put that worthless little cocklette back in your pants. You talked so much shit about how deep and hard you were going to fuck me. With what? You don’t have shit to fuck me with! All that smack you talked about getting me off so hard, telling me how you’ve made girls cum for your cock. Who the fuck are you kidding? You don’t have the tool to even begin the job, let alone finish it. Trust me, I’m pretty sure that no girl has ever busted a nut with the “help” of your little 3 inch nail. I’d sure like to know just what kind of a pathetic girl you were “fucking” that thought she even had to fake it with a little dick loser like you.

No, you can keep that shit to yourself. I’m just going to sit over here and play with this fat fucking dildo, and you can watch me give my pussy the pleasure that I deserve!