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BBC Fuck Slut

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It isn’t just that I want BBC. I need it. I have to have it. No man can please me like one with a long, black cock. That tall, dark stud of a man is the only kind that has what it takes to give me the orgasm that I deserve. His confidence drives me wild. He never asks for what he wants. He just takes it, as a real man ought to. I need him to ravish me without mercy. I want his dark hands roaming all over my ivory body, taking what is his. What belongs to him. My pussy gets so wet when he rips my clothes off, shoving me to my knees. He tangles his fingers in my long blond hair, yanking my head back, and pulls his ebony dick from his pants. I look up at it, hungrily, ready to take it down my throat. He gives me what he knows I’m yearning for, and shoves it between my pink lips, into my mouth. He begins to rock his hips, and as I struggle to take his chocolate shaft down my throat, he talks dirty to me, saying things like “That’s right you dirty little, white slut. Choke on that n*gger dick,” and “I bet no cracker dick has ever hit that spot before”. When he talks to me like that, it drives me wild. I love being his dirty little whore for n*gger cock!

Does a woman who has a thirst for big black cock drive you wild? Would you like me to whisper into your ear about those times when no regular cock could satisfy me? When release from this ache between my thighs only came at the hands of a black man with a dark, meaty rod? Call me now for BBC phone sex!

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