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Slutty White Trash Babysitter

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I’m not your squeaky clean cheerleader-type babysitter. I’m the trashy bitch next door that comes over to watch your snotty little brats while I drink all of your liquor and smoke up your house with my cigarettes. I’ve even been known to invite my boyfriends over, and fuck them in your bed after I’ve put the little shits to sleep.

Your wife hates me, and wants me gone, but you convince her to tolerate it because you want me. I know you fantasize about me.I’ve seen the way you look at my ass. The desire to fuck me is written all over your face. And it’s not like you’re that great at hiding your boner either. I’m just surprised that your dumb bitch wife hasn’t caught on yet. But she’s so busy with work and the kids that she doesn’t pay you any attention anyway.

What is really pathetic is that although I know you’re lusting after me hardcore, you’re too chicken shit to make a move. So I continue to tease you, coming over barely dressed, wearing daisy dukes and tube tops until you just can’t take it anymore, and decide that today is the day you’re going to fuck me. Seducing me won’t be hard. Just whisper something REALLY dirty into my ear and I’m ready to go. In fact, once you realize how easy it was to get a whore like me in bed, you’ll kick yourself in the ass for not having the balls to do it sooner. I’ll do things for you that your wife won’t anymore, like suck your fat, juicy cock and let you explode that hot, creamy load down my whore throat. I’ll even let you fuck my ass, which is something she would NEVER consider. But that’s the fun of keeping a trashy babysitter like me around. I’m the kind of kinky you can only find in the trailer park.