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Tell Me Taboo Things

I love taboo phone sex calls. I never get tired of rubbing my pussy and making myself cum over and over again to filthy and forbidden thoughts. I love hearing you on the other end, breathing heavy and stroking your cock, while confessing all of your kinky secrets. Don’t be shy. Tell me exactly what you crave. And tell me just how naughty I am for coaxing it out of you. I love it when you tell me what a dirty whore I am because I get off on the twisted shit we talk about. I want you to call me your deviant little cock slut. When you call me those nasty names, I get so wet! I can’t help but pound my pretty little pussy so much harder. I am going to cum so hard right along with you, both of us exploding together.

Cum share your taboo fantasy with me?

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Anything Goes

If you love trailer trash, then I’m your girl. I am the queen of trailer trash. I don’t care who you are or what you look like. As long as you’ve got a decent dick, I’m on it because I just love a good fuck. I think trailer trash girls are the best to fuck, because they will do whatever you want. Anything goes with a slut like me. I just love to get down and dirty, and will do anything to make you bust that nut. If you want me to lick your dirty asshole, I will. But you can bet that I am going to want you to lick mine in return. You can fuck any hole you want, however you want, too. I want cum dripping down my body. I want it running out of my pussy and ass. I will lick your cum off the dirty floor if you like. I will even fuck you and all of your friends at the same time. They will love filling whore holes as much as you do. So why don’t you give me a call and lets get down and dirty!

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Friday Night Phone Sex

It’s Friday and I am ready for some nice hard cock. I am turning on my phone and waiting for you to call me and give me the fucking I desperately need. I feel like being a total slut tonight and want to make both you and I cum hard over and over again! I want as much cum as I can get! I don’t have any fucking limits and want to get as dirty as possible! We can do some mutual masturbation. I can tell you all about my latest slutty conquests. I love to share all the naughty details. Or you can tell me about your fantasy! Hearing about what gets you off gets me dripping wet all over again. If I have to be home until later I want to be fucking myself with my toys and with you on the other end of my phone.

So let’s do it!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex

I’m sure that just by looking at this blog that you’ve figured out I am not your typical girl. I’m far from it. You might not know just how dirty and twisted I am, but I can assure you that the kinkier and dirtier it is, the wetter my pussy gets. Do you have a taboo fantasy that you are just aching to share with a nasty phone sex slut? Don’t be shy about telling me all the dirty details. I love hearing about it! With me, anything goes. So pick up the phone right now, and dial my extension!

Slutty New Year Resolution



Let’s be honest: New Year Resolutions usually suck. Everyone wants to vow to do something really lame like lose weight, eat better or exercise more. Yada, yada, yada. But I’m already sexy as fuck, so you won’t hear me make any kind of boring resolution like that.

Instead, I’ve got something better in mind. This year, my New Year Resolution is to be the kinkiest, dirtiest fuck slut I can be. I’m talking a total fucking whore. And not just here in the trailer park, but on all of NiteFlirt! I want to be the top slut on the site, which is a pretty big feat, considering how many girls are on there. But I know I can do it because I’m already almost there!

My mission is pretty simple. I just want to make a record number of cocks cum for me. I love being such a whore. Knowing that I am responsible for dozens of creamy jizz loads a day makes me so hot, and I’ll do anything to get it! I’m talking balls to the wall, saying whatever it takes to get you to bust that nut! Any fantasy, any taboo, any fetish, no limits kind of calls. That’s the kind of shit I’m all about!

But I’m going to need your help to keep my resolution. I know that you are a kinky fucker that just loves getting nasty. And everything about me turns you on. So pick up the phone and let me drain your balls of all that salty spunk. Help me become the #1 trashy whore I have vowed to be, growing closer to the top with each and every cum load!

And don’t forget to tell everyone what a good little piece of fuck meat I am after our call is over by leaving 5 star feedback.

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Making You My Trashy Sissy

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Hey there, sissy bitch! Are you ready to play? I’ve got lots of nice thick cocks lined up for your pretty little sissy holes!  Just about everyone here in the trailer park loves to play with sissies. Us girls like to doll you up like a street walker, doing your makeup and sharing our clothes with you, giving you tips on your slut strut and what not. While the guys love to fuck you like the little whore you are. But one thing needs to be made clear to everybody: You are MY bitch, and you’re only available for use on my terms. That’s right, your whore holes belong to me, and unless you’re lining my pockets, those legs stay closed! And if I tell you to get down on your knees and suck a cock, or bend over and spread ‘em, your faggot fucking ass better do it with a quickness, or else that pretty face of yours will become a mess of bruises! I don’t play when it cums to whoring you out and will pass you out to the whole trailer park, and then some, if it pleases me. And as long as you’re a good cum dumpster, and score me enough dough for my bills and party goodies, I’ll keep you around, training you how to be a classless cock magnet.   

If you’re a sissy looking for some rough and trashy phone sex role play, give me a call! I’m more than happy to skank you up and whore you out!

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Fantasy Phone Sex

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So many kinky thoughts are swimming around in my head. That’s why I’m totally into fantasy phone sex calls. There are so many things I want to do, but have yet to experience. I want to explore all those dirty, dark fantasies you keep buried deep down inside. Keeping those desires locked away and unexpressed causes so much unnecessary frustration. You should call me, and we’ll dive into them head first, living out our wildest fantasies together over the phone!

And don’t be afraid to share every little detail of the things that turn you on. I am open to anything and everything. I am about as limitless and boundless as a dirty whore can get. So what if you can’t tell your wife/girlfriend about just how kinky you really are? You don’t really need her for that anymore since you’ve found me. She’s your vanilla main dish and I’m the sinfully delicious dessert. I’m willing to get as nasty and as kinky as you want without judgment, because I’m just as kinky and nasty as you are! You can tell me all about your forbidden desires and I won’t tell a soul. They’ll be our little secrets, and we’ll keep them between us. It’s better to share your taboo thoughts with a phone sex slut like me than to let them stay hidden away in the darkness, unenjoyed. What a waste of imagination that is!

  So if you’re tired of cumming to the same old vanilla bullshit, and want to live a little, give me a call.

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