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Home Wrecker

Your wife had better watch out! Someone had better tell her pretty quick that she needs to take better care of her man, or he is going to be looking elsewhere. Because horny little sluts like me can pick up on the fact that a man is being neglected, and will snatch up the opportunity in a second!

I don’t blame you for straying. A man has needs, and if sweet ol’ wifey isn’t putting out, you need to get it somewhere else, right? Well, baby you’ve cum to the right girl. I’m not the type of chick to respect boundaries, and I sure don’t give a fuck about that frigid bitch of a wife you’ve got! I don’t care if you’re married. If you’re hot and have a big cock, I am more than willing to give you what you’ve been aching for.

I’m sure it will come as quite a shock to your soon to be ex-wife that I’m going to take her place, but when the time comes, I’ll remind her that she only has herself to blame. On top of shutting you off, she has really let her self go. But I’m young, hot, and have more kink in my pinky than she has in her entire body! When I’m you’re wife, I’ll be on a constant mission to see you satisfied. I have the energy and the passion to make sure your balls stay drained.

So the next time you can get some time away from your bitch wife, give your home wrecking mistress a call, and we’ll talk about just what it will be like when that old cow is out of the picture!

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Anything Goes

If you love trailer trash, then I’m your girl. I am the queen of trailer trash. I don’t care who you are or what you look like. As long as you’ve got a decent dick, I’m on it because I just love a good fuck. I think trailer trash girls are the best to fuck, because they will do whatever you want. Anything goes with a slut like me. I just love to get down and dirty, and will do anything to make you bust that nut. If you want me to lick your dirty asshole, I will. But you can bet that I am going to want you to lick mine in return. You can fuck any hole you want, however you want, too. I want cum dripping down my body. I want it running out of my pussy and ass. I will lick your cum off the dirty floor if you like. I will even fuck you and all of your friends at the same time. They will love filling whore holes as much as you do. So why don’t you give me a call and lets get down and dirty!

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Trailer Park Slut

I love taunting and teasing the boys and guys in the neighborhood. The way they act, you would think that they have never seen a female body before. A few times I could have sworn they came in their pants just from my teasing. But I guess that’s to be expected when you’re the hottest piece of ass in the trailer park.

To be honest, the pickings are pretty slim when it comes to chicks if you standards include a tight body and a full set of teeth. But even out of the trailer park, I put most other girls to shame.

Most of the neighborhood moms & wives here in the trailer park throw me dirty looks, but can I help it that their menfolk, sons and husbands alike, are always staring? It isn’t my fault that they are so starved for attention. Maybe if they paid a little attention where attention is due, their fellas wouldn’t be drooling over me. And it isn’t my fault that I’m so fucking sexy, anyway. It’s not like I go out of my way to attract attention most of the time. It just happens.

I mean, yes, maybe the trailer park isn’t an ideal place to lay out nude to sunbathe, but my lot rent is paid, and the landlord doesn’t complain. In fact he tells me he likes it! So I’ll do what I want!

And maybe I should shut my curtains when I walk around the house naked. But who wants to keep them closed all the time? Besides, this is a free country. If I wanna walk around my house totally naked, I will. And it isn’t my fault if pervy boys come peeping in, now is it?

To be honest, though, I do like putting on a show for them, and giving them a taste of all my assets. I like being lusted after. I like the stares. I like knowing that they go rub one out in the name of my hot, trashy ass! And I love that sometimes, they are even brave enough to come get a taste for themselves, knocking on my backdoor, begging to bust a nut to the hottest trailer park slut.

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Slutty Birthday Bash


So, my birthday was awesome this year! Even though it wasn’t a weekend, my girlfriends and I went out partying. I’m still a little tipsy, but I had a kinky good time, and I am ready to party again!

We started out at the club, and we were all flirting with the guys and having a blast. But a few hours into it, we decided to take the party back to my friend’s place, and that’s when the fun really began. Several of the men we were teasing and dancing with came along. We played drinking games, and there was even a little stripping and lap dances going on. But my favorite part of last night was when my girlfriends bent me over the table, lifting up my skirt, and invited all the guys to line up and give this naughty slut a good birthday spanking. And boy, did they ever! My ass is so red and sore this morning! I love it!

But they didn’t stop with the just the spankings. I guess slapping this dirty little slut’s ass turned them on so much they just had to get themselves a piece of it. I can’t say for certain how it happened, but it turned into a huge gangbang, and I woke up this morning covered in cum. I don’t know how many guys were there. To be honest, I was too drunk to count. HA! But I remember one of my girlfriends telling me to smile for the camera as all my pretty little fuck holes were being plundered. I’m sure she was videoing it, so I guess I’ll figure it out.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who purchased items from my amazon wish lists, sent e-gift cards & sent tributes to make this one of the best birthdays ever! 

If you haven’t gotten me anything and still want to send something check out my blog post here.

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Bar Slut


Being called a dirty little whore might piss off some girls, but I don’t see it as an insult at all! I love the attention being a slut brings, and I am proud to be a kinky cock loving whore. Most of my friends are that way, too, so we make a competition out of it sometimes. When we go out, we dress really slutty, and act like total bitches in heat, hitting on guys to see how many random men we can get to come home with us, Whoever scores the most cock wins. I mean, there’s no official prize or anything, except for bragging rights, but it is fun to see who can be the biggest slut. Usually it is me, and I love how envious they get when I tell them all about the guys I’ve banged.

On a night that the bar is really busy, I don’t even wait to take the guys home. I just fuck them in the parking lot, or take them into the bar bathroom and let them use my fuck holes right there in the stall! Why waste time taking them home when I can get them off right there, and keep racking up my numbers? I like to keep the night going!

Just thinking about being such a whore makes my pussy juicy! I love being a bar slut. I make it my mission to be covered in cum before the night is over. Wouldn’t you love to be one of those guys I set my sights on while drinking at the bar? I’d come over to you, whisper in your ear how horny I was, and just how much I wanted to drain your balls. I bet you’d be following me out to the parking lot in a second to get yourself a piece of this slutty white trash pussy, wouldn’t you?!

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White Trash Slut

Call Button

Men like you call me for white trash phone sex because you know I’m a woman with experience. I have been around the block more than a few times, and know exactly what it takes to drive you wild. I can not only bring your fantasy to life, but I can bring it to the next level.

Unlike the vanilla girls, a trashy slut like me isn’t afraid of getting into your head. I have the intuition to anticipate your needs. I’m not easily intimidated and like taking on all of your kinky desires. I live for it, really. And true to trashy trailer park whore form, my sexual appetite is insatiable. I can never get enough, no matter how hard I try. And I’ve definitely tried. Haha!

The burning need to get off so much is why I found my way to phone sex in the first place. No one man, even in the flesh is enough for me. When I get ready to take calls, I get so excited thinking about what new and exhilarating secrets that are going to be shared with me today, and I can’t wait to see how many times a day my callers will make me cum! I know that I should be ashamed of being such a phone sex slut, but I’m not at all. Being a dirty little whore is just who I am, and I don’t apologize for it. I embrace it, and you should too, because being bad feels so fucking good!  

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